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AQUAhydrate Performance Water Expands Arizona Market

AQUAhydrate Performance Water Expands Arizona MarketAQUAhydrate, a California-based health and fitness water company with unparalleled benefits in performance water, announces record setting penetration into Arizona and introduces additional size options to its customers.  This exceptional water provides the performance of a sports drink, without the sugar or calories found in most sports drinks.

The success enjoyed by AQUAhydrate has led to the introduction of new sizes, including 1.5 liter, 1 liter (6-packs) and a newly trending Gallon size.  It is carefully crafted to deliver innovative, high-quality water that provides a balance of performance and hydration benefits.  The purification of the water is to some of the most rigorous industry standards.

The company engages its customers with a variety of high impact performance-focused marketing programs.  Touted by health and fitness authorities like AQUAhydrate Chief Wellness Officer Jillian Michaels, the product has made significant market inroads since its relaunch in 2013 with a new celebrity-based ownership group, including Mark Wahlberg, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Ron Burkle.  According to Regional Manager Andrew Heller, “I see a big difference in the volume gains in the market place.  We have tripled sales since 2015, and are one of the top water brands in several top retailers.”

Focused on a performance lifestyle, the pure, great tasting water has twice the electrolytes of competitors and an elevated pH of 9+.  The blend of alkalinity, electrolytes and minerals produces outstanding hydration, balance and performance.  Chief Wellness Officer Jillian Michaels claims: “Effective hydration depends on purity and the right balance of electrolytes and alkalinity to help me feel my best and perform at my peak.  That’s why I choose AQUAhydrate.”

According to AC Nielsen, bottled water made national news in March by surpassing carbonated soft drinks in sales.  The trend toward healthier and performance enhancing drinks is undeniable.

“AQUAhydrate is sold nationally with a strong presence on both coasts.  Recently, Arizona has become the number one market in the country for the brand in share and volume. “

“Phoenix is AQUAhydrate’s best-selling city, where it can be found at over 1,800 retail outlets.  Major retailers include Circle K, Walmart, Safeway, Fry’s, Bashas, Walgreens and more.”

 “We see many new consumers switching to AQUAhydrate from sports drinks and less beneficial premium waters.  Consumers of all kinds are discovering the AQUAhydrate difference,” says Andrew Heller.  “With 65% annual growth in high pH water in the past 5 years, it is no surprise that AQUAhydrate is growing in popularity.” Heller continues: “People are buying lots of AQUAhydrate because it tastes great, and consumers can truly notice the benefits.”

Source: AQUAhydrate

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