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Wild Child Turns Living Rooms Into Tasting Rooms

Wild Child Turns Living Rooms Into Tasting RoomsToday, In Good Taste Wines launches the newest addition to their lineup – the Wild Child Tasting Flight. At the intersection of discovery and quality, the new flight has 8 less traditional varietals that wine enthusiasts across the country can enjoy in the brand’s patented 6 ounce mini bottles. To enhance the experience and allow customers to learn about what makes the wines special, In Good Taste offers complimentary, expert-led virtual tastings over Zoom for anyone who purchases a flight.

The release of the Wild Child Flight comes in the wake of the impressive “California Wine Mixer” launch; as the company’s first variety flight. The California Wine Mixer set the bar high as it sold 60,000 individual by-the-glass bottles in the first 3 months. As employers and universities across the nation began social distancing and enforcing limitations on their operations, In Good Taste was able to offer a simple, exciting way to bring coworkers, families, students, and friend groups together – safely.

Zach Feinberg, Co-founder, expresses the significance of the last few months’ growth and the impact of current events on the business.

“In the last 90 days our company has gone from 6 people in a warehouse, to 30 people spread across the country. Our growth can be attributed to the hard work of our agile team and the remarkable talent that we have been able to onboard. We plan to continue to expand and hire more talented individuals that are out of work in the wine industry.”

Keeping pace with customer demand, while ensuring the highest quality and service, the team has introduced leadership positions to uphold the standards that the company has been rooted in from the beginning; product operations, customer support, development and growth are just a few of the areas seeing new leadership.

Claire Waluch, Head of Growth, was onboarded in April of 2020 and has been able to play a critical role in the company’s success. While adapting to the limitations, she expresses how we can still connect with one another over a glass of wine.

“Wine is a social activity, and physical distancing shouldn’t stop us from creating memories over wine safely through virtual experiences. In these difficult times, we’re here to help people relax and discover – uncovering new wines shouldn’t just be for the experts.”

Source: In Good Taste Wines

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