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New Double-Sided Back Label For Mary Rose Gin

New Double-Sided Back Label For Many Rose GinBradford-based The Label Makers have pushed the boundaries in label design and creation by producing the first double-sided back label for artisan gin distiller, the HMS Spirit Company, for their latest release, Mary Rose Gin – a small batch London Dry Gin created to celebrate Henry VIII’s famous warship.

The back label, consisting of 2 layers laminated together, illustrates the extent of the travels of the Mary Rose and is viewed through the bottle contents. In producing the two-layered label, The Label Makers used a Fasson clear-on-clear polypropylene PET 30 material, which was reverse printed multiple shades of blue and black on their Durst Inkjet digital printer. It was then re-passed to print the white background.

The second material used was Fasson white polypropylene opaque material, which has a bright silver reverse on the adhesive side. This was passed through the Durst to print the botanical background, but omitting the Tax Stamp which required a special varnish. In finishing, the backing was removed and the opaque material laminated onto the clear-on-clear, creating the silver on the World image.

The labels were then processed to print the Tax Stamp magenta, black, Tax Stamp varnish and matt protective varnish and die-cut.

The Label Makers’ Kevin Lyons said: “To combine each material in a dual process was both complex, visionary and remarkable. We entered the label into the Print Week Awards last year, and were delighted to win the ‘Label Printer of the Year’ Award, with a Print Week judge quoted as saying that the label was an – ‘Impressive entry…a beautiful label, simple stunning – so many processes involved, but they pulled it off’.

“We have a great relationship with the HMS Spirits Company and look forward to building on a long-term relationship for the future,” he added.

Source: The Label Makers

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