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New Citrus Zinger Sport Allows Hands-Free Hydration

downloads-bannerStaying hydrated is a crucial part of any exercise routine, but when it comes to   guzzling down sugary sports drinks, there is a better option.  Introducing the Citrus Zinger Sport – the latest product by Zing Anything designed especially for work-outs.  The eco-friendly, reusable bottle has a built-in juicer and a hands-free, flip-up straw.  Users can mix up their own infused water creations right in the bottle and take it wherever they go.  The Citrus Zinger Sport offers taste, convenience and versatility – whether it’s being carried to yoga or clipped into a 10-speed mountain bike, a tasty, all-natural drink is right at hand.

“The Citrus Zinger Sport allows people with an active lifestyle to enjoy nutrient rich, flavored water infusions without fumbling around with lids or worrying about spills.” said Zing Anything CEO, Joshua Lefkovitz. “It has the same simple-to-use water-infusion technology as the original Citrus Zinger now with a hands-free flip-up sports straw for quick access without spills or leaks.” Like the Citrus Zinger, the Citrus Zinger Sport can be used with clementine oranges, lemons or limes, though users can also add ingredients like strawberries, ginger or cucumber for a unique flavor twist.

Flavored water infusions made with the Citrus Zinger Sport is more affordable and better for the environment than disposable bottles of water.  It also makes it easier to stay healthy by avoiding the chemical additives, processed sugars, and artificial colorings and flavors that make up the typical sports drink.  Best of all, because they are individually made using fresh, natural ingredients, every infusion is as unique as it is delicious.  The Citrus Zinger Sport makes staying hydrated not only easy, but fun.

The Citrus Zinger Sport comes in five bold new colors. It is the latest product from Zing Anything, which offers a full range of eco-friendly infusers, including the Aqua Zinger, Vodka Zinger, Salad Zinger, Kid Zinger and Citrus Biggie. To find out more about the Citrus Zinger Sport and Zing Anything’s other products, visit www.zinganything.com.

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