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Universal and Versatile Skin Beautifier for all Ages from Ginger Root Symrise Launches SymVital® AR

download• Promotes healthy radiance and even skin tone
• Visibly reduces signs of irritation-induced aging and UV spots
• 100 % pure and natural ginger root extract

Symrise launches SymVital® AR, which is a 100 % pure and natural ginger root extract. SymVital® AR is proven to significantly improve the skin texture and smoothness of stressed skin, smoothing wrinkles and enhancing complexion regularity in three weeks. It also helps to reduce signs of sun damages in less than two weeks.

It is widely known that the sun accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and promotes sagging and dullness of skin. 78 % of consumers would like to prevent these signs. For many, uneven skin tone can be a source of shame. 58 % of consumers feel bad with an uneven skin tone. The demand for skin perfection is rising in women of all ages. In their thirties, female consumers long for luminous skin without imperfections, irregularities and fine lines. Women aged 45-plus focus on luminous skin as well with the increasing emphasis on wrinkle reduction.

To address these concerns, Symrise has developed SymVital® AR, a 100 % natural ingredient from ginger root. The spice has a long history of use for food and pharmaceutical application. More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese and Indians first cultivated ginger. It is part of many traditional remedies all over the world for its multiple properties, e.g. in TCM and Ayurveda. It has a wide variety of medicinal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic effects including anti-inflammatory, sedative, antibiotic, antioxidative, antiseptic and stimulating.

Symrise uses an eco-friendly process to extract the main components of ginger with soothing and antioxidant activity. Thanks to a multistep separation process the final extract is enriched with the two main compounds responsible for the benefits in skin care application.

The versatile skin beautifier SymVital® AR is suitable for all complexions and ages. It protects and improves skin smoothness, complexion regularity and homogeneity of the challenged and stressed skin. Antioxidant and soothing activities provide skin protecting and caring properties. SymVital®AR is proven to significantly smooth wrinkles and even the skin tone in 21 days and also help to reduce signs of sun damages in less than 2 weeks.

After 56 days of using a cream with 0.2 % SymVital® AR twice daily, the product significantly decreased the appearance of UV spots compared to a placebo product. This was confirmed by 74 % of the users. These results prove a protective effect of the product against UV spots likely to appear over time by fading them before they become visible.

Dr Marielle Le Maire, Global Product Director Life Essentials at Symrise, describes the product: “We have developed SymVital® AR to allow our customers to create products that significantly beautify skin tone and texture and therefore become a real ally for skin of all ages. Additionally, the pure natural ginger root extract underlines our approach of using natural raw materials. We will continue to develop suitable skin care solutions to meet the consumers’ wishes for effective & natural cosmetics – today and in the future.”


Source: Symrise Press Release

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