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Lollicup Brings Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

Lollicup Brings Manufacturing Back to the U.S.In 2017, Lollicup’s Reifenhauser extruder, which produces plastic sheets from resin, became completely operational. By adding this machine, they were able to cut energy use by about 20 percent and improve production by 40 percent, allowing more products to be produced domestically.

“The extruder is capable of making thicker, higher quality sheets of plastic,” said Production Supervisor Ron Gonzales. “These sheets are used to form Karat® cups and lids.”

2017 also saw the initial phases of a new manufacturing plant in Rockwall, Texas. The manufacturing plant is projected to be operational in 2018 and will allow Lollicup to produce more products, in addition to adding products to their Karat and Karat Earth™ lines.

“We are moving towards becoming the foodservice industry’s ‘one-stop shop’,” said Founder and CEO Alan Yu.

What can we expect from them in the future? Yu said, “We have plans to continue automating our manufacturing process and increasing our energy efficiency. We will also become the leaders in compostable, eco-friendly products.”

It is this type of innovative and visionary thinking that has put Lollicup on Inc. 5000’s Hall of Fame for being one of the fastest growing privately held companies for five years in a row. This is definitely a company to keep your eye on.

Source: Lollicup USA, Inc.

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