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Quest Wins 2016 Most Innovative Wine Packaging Award

Quest Wins 2016 Most Innovative Wine Packaging AwardQuest, the leading bi-coastal bottle packaging company, was awarded the 2016 most innovative wine packaging award among a broad spectrum of diverse entries at this year’s WINES & VINES Packaging Conference held here.

The winning design was for “Mask Spray”, a new technique created by Quest for Reed Vineyards, Lodi, California.

Judging criteria was based on technical innovation, functionality and marketability. Quest’s entry was chosen because, “This is a breakthrough that allows the entire bottle to become a decorative canvas. This process enables more innovative design choices for wine makers, brand owners and designers to consider. There is virtually an endless combination of designs and colors to transform an ordinary bottle into a fully custom-made work of art.”

Quest CEO, Ingrid Cornehl, commented, “This is a great day for our company. To get this particular award for packaging innovation is particularly satisfying since we have a 16-plus year history of pushing the boundaries of how brands can be presented at the retail shelf, on the bar and at the moment of truth when you pour the contents and connect these impressions with the personal experience.”

“We’ve built our company on helping brands stand out and this is another great example of that.”

Reed Vineyards winemaker is Ryan Reed who also happens to be the Chief Technology Officer of Quest. He is undoubtedly the most familiar with the latest, cutting edge decorating techniques given his shared interests as master craftsman in bottle décor as well as being a winemaker.

Mr. Reed commented, “With this new Mask Spray technique, every part of the bottle can be decorated even if the design requires very fine detail.” The winning bottle looks like the top was dipped in wax with the fine detail of a lion’s head drawing showing through the wax.

“We are constantly creating new techniques to keep our customer’s bottles looking fresh and making a bold statement. That’s why we have adopted a new slogan, “Standing out starts here”, said Ms. Cornehl. “With our solution driven and creative based approach, this is what we do everyday.”

Source: Quest

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