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The Label Makers Wins 2 Times With Diablesse Label Solution

The Label Makers Wins 2 Times at UK Packaging AwardsA complicated illustration for rum brand, Diablesse, has been faithfully interpreted through embellishment and print by leading label manufacturers, The Label Makers. The result is a stunning standout pack that has won both the ‘Label of the Year’ at the recent UK Packaging Awards and the ‘Special Effects in Labels and Packaging” category in the Digital Printer Awards 2019.

The rum is produced by independent Manchester distillers, Farman & Son, and comprises two expressions – Diablesse Caribbean Rum and Diablesse Clementine Spiced Rum. The label, designed by Leeds-based creative agency, Made by Analogue, tells the story of the ‘Diablesse’, a temptress from Caribbean folklore that appears beautiful and seductive, but beneath the beauty lies a dark and devilish woman who captures the hearts and spirit of her unsuspecting would-be lovers.

In keeping with the mythology, the brief for the label was to lure and seduce the consumer into a world of mystery and intrigue, where there is no other option than to pick it up and take a sip. Her character is brought to life through a rich illustrative approach and punctuated with an indulgent use of luxury gold foil to represent the depth of blend in the rum itself.

Printed with great attention to detail, the label captures the fine intricacies of the illustration and is complimented by overlays of embossed matt-gold foiling and remarkable detailing. The Label Makers used Fasson Matt Wine FSC material in the process, digitally printed in 8 colours then hot foiled with a sculptured die and further embellished with subtle blind embossing.

“The Label Makers did a wonderful job in bringing the label from design to life and, from my initial vision, they completely fulfilled what I hoped could be achieved. The project took significant time and attention to get right, not surprisingly with certain embellishment challenges such as the foil blocking and coverage required. I am blown away by the finished label and will not hesitate to work with The Label Makers on my next venture,” said founder, Cleo Farman.

David Webster, managing director of The Label Makers, added: “The purpose of the label was to tell the brand’s story and create an intimate interaction with consumers. This has been achieved through the diligent reproduction of the fine detail of the illustration and the liberal use of matt gold foiling to capture the essence of intrigue and mystery. We are delighted with how the label has been received to-date.”

Source: The Label Makers

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