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Smirnoff ICE Marketing Campaign “Keep It Moving”

Smirnoff ICE Marketing Campaign "Keep It Moving"

Source: Multivu.com

What could an 87-year-young great-grandmother, a deaf dance instructor, and the Smirnoff ICE brand have in common?

They are determined to showcase how the world can become more inclusive through the platforms of dance and music with the launch of its Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors line and the ‘Keep It Moving’ campaign.

Stemming from festival insights that adult music fans often have to choose between the dance floor and a beverage, Smirnoff ICE introduces its new line of flavored malt beverages (FMB) Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors meant for fun, high-energy occasions. This new beverage option is non-carbonated so it will not weigh consumers down and packaged in a re-sealable plastic bottle so that consumers won’t have to make the choice between flavor and fun.

To launch the product, Smirnoff ICE has created the Keep it Moving campaign that shines a light on two inspirational movers: 87-year-old Instagram sensation and festival lover, Baddie Winkle (@baddiewinkle), and London-based deaf dance instructor, Chris Fonseca.

Baddie truly embodies what it means to be part of the ageless, inclusive electronic music community by being an avid festivalgoer who is always the star of the dance floor:

“Life’s too short to stop having fun and dancing. I don’t let anything in my life slow me down,” said Smirnoff ICE mover Baddie Winkle. “I break it down on the dance floor when I go to electronic music festivals, so Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors let me get my dance on without spilling a drop.”

Fonseca doesn’t let his hearing disability stop him from keeping the beat and demonstrates that you don’t need to be able to hear the music to Keep it Moving on the dance floor.

“My life is centered around dancing and helping others like me learn how they too can keep moving despite not being able to hear,” said Smirnoff ICE mover Chris Fonseca. “My passion in life is to inspire and teach others in the deaf community to dance by feeling the music so that everyone can be included on the dance floor, no matter what. Being part of this campaign with Smirnoff ICE allows me to reach and inspire even more people than I ever thought possible.”

The new product is offered in two vibrant flavors: Smirnoff ICE Electric Berry and Smirnoff ICE Electric Mandarin. Adult consumer trends, especially among adult millennials, show that they are looking for non-carbonated beverages with a mildly sweet taste. In response, Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors are made with natural flavors, natural sweeteners and a hint of coconut water essence to enhance the flavor. The Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors line is best enjoyed chilled, and offers a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 213 (Smirnoff ICE Electric Mandarin) or 214 (Smirnoff ICE Electric Berry) calories per 12 oz. serving. The new product is now available nationwide with a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of $8.99 for a 4-pack of 16oz bottles.

In addition, the Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors packaging clearly communicates the fact that these drinks contain alcohol and are only for adults 21 and older.  Smirnoff ICE is leading the industry by prominently stating “must be 21+ to purchase” in multiple places on the bottle, including the cap, and distinctly stating “contains beverage alcohol” on the bottle and the carrier. By creating this new style of FMB with crystal clear call-outs as to alcohol content on the package, we hope to set the standard for future entrants into the segment.

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