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7 Beverage Brands Infused With Cannabis

7 Beverage Brands Infused With CannabisCannabis is the world’s most widely produced, trafficked, and consumed drug. Apart from being used in the medical and industrial fields, it is also very popular among people as a recreational drug.

There’s no shortage of ways to partake in the cannabis culture. Besides vaping, smoking, and dabbing, sipping cannabis has become a new trend. Cannabis infused drinks are poised to be the next big thing nowadays. These drinks are coming out into the mainstream from the sub cultured shadows.

Many brands and breweries have started developing assorted drinks with cannabis as an ingredient. Let’s have a look at the top 7 beverage brands infused with cannabis:

7 Beverage Brands Infused With Cannabis1. Canna Cola

Canna Cola started off with a goal to create a tasty, effective, medical marijuana beverages while legitimizing an unjustly stigmatized industry. It claims to be the most well-known name in the marijuana beverage industry. They offer exciting bottles of Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Doc Weed and Orange Kush cannabis brews. These fizzy drinks are sold to a lot of medical marijuana patients throughout the world.

2. Cannabis Quencher

Cannabis Quencher is the cannabis-infused beverage made with real organic fruit concentrates. It is made in Los Angeles by The Venice Cookie Company. They offer exotic flavors of drinks like mango, hibiscus, strawberry lemonade, wild guava, and many more. These are produced from high-quality fruit containing vitamin C, and other essential minerals mixed with the essence of cannabis containing only 75 mg of THC.

3. Subtle Tea

Subtle Tea produces tea bags infused with cannabis having 40 mg of THC. They are available in flavors like Lemon Ginger, Turmeric, Hibiscus Berry, Masala Chai and a lot more.

4. Canna Punch

CannaPunch has been producing non-carbonated, cannabis-infused beverages since the year 2009. It is claimed to be a 100% all-natural vegan drink. It is also gluten-free, soy-free, and corn syrup free.

CannaPunch is made from the highest quality Colorado cannabis where the medicinal concentrate is produced using only the high-quality whole cannabis buds.

7 Beverage Brands Infused With Cannabis5. The Catapult Coffee Pod

The Catapult coffee pod comes with 10mg of THC. It is produced by a Washington based company known as Fairwinds Manufacturing. It is extremely popular among coffee drinkers who like mixing marijuana in their coffee. The pods cost around $10 a piece. These are currently only available in Washington state.

6. Canna Love Lemonade

Ice cold, cannabis-infused lemonade could be one of the great pleasures of summer. One such lemonade is CannaLove Lemonade. It is produced by a company named CannaLove. They produce organic, vegan, and gluten-free cannabis edibles. They’ve recently come up with Lavender Lemonade spiked with CBD oil and Spicy Lemonade which is made with pungent flavored honey oil.

7. Zasp

Zasp offers a variety of beverages which are all natural and only use organically grown cannabis containing fruity flavored seeds. They use high-grade cannabis to create a delicious drink. The most popular flavors of Zasp include Black Cherry, Tangerine, Tropical Punch, and Strawberry Lemonade. They contain amounts of THC ranging from 80 mg or 120 mg.

The benefits of cannabis are well known by all. But many of you might be unaware of the healthy option of drinking cannabis-infused beverages, which can helpful with inflammation, anxiety, and depression and many other health problems.

The best way to treat such symptoms would be by ingesting cannabinoids. This can be achieved by drinking cannabis infused drinks, which would also serve as an easy and great alternative to smoking.

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