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ACCA – The Effervescent Nectar

ACCA - The Effervescent NectarDo you like bubbles? I know I do. Beverage industry is full of innovations. ACCA is an innovative brand which brings great taste with lots of bubbles.  Today, I have the opportunity to talk to Chris Chester, the founder at ACCA.

1. How did you come up with the idea of creating ACCA?

Well, I have been in the Wine & Spirits industry for 15 years working with top brands in the industry and saw a need in a space that has been growing double digits for the past 10 years while showing no signs of slowing down. I remember sitting down in a communications meeting at the time with one of my favorite champagne houses going over marketing objectives. I looked over at a colleague and it hit me being a huge fan of sparkling wines especially champagne,  to create something niche with a luxurious exotic feel and taste. With prosecco’s and cava’s pulling significant market share from Champagne. I saw an huge opportunity to add an additional option to this exploding category. Thus ACCA was birthed!

2. I believe our readers are not familiar with effervescent nectar category. Tell us more about this new category.

Great question! There’s a saying, that “all champagnes are sparkling wine,  but not all sparkling wines are champagne“. Showcasing the segment of champagne in the category of sparkling wine. Likewise effervescent nectar is a new segment in the category of sparkling wine offering just another option in the category.

Effervescent by definition is of a liquid giving off bubbles (sparkling); also described as vivacious and enthusiastic. Nectar is defined as the juice of a fruit, especially when not diluted. In Classical Greek mythology its known as the life giving drink of the gods. The combination speaks to a vivacious life giving drink of the gods which totally exemplifies what ACCA brings to the market something young, full of life and fresh never done before.

ACCA - The Effervescent Nectar3. ACCA is very interesting brand. What are the main ingredients and flavor notes?

Our lead off expression is Sorél(so-rel) which incorporates an infusion of floral hibiscus notes, cherries, dark chocolate and natural spices. This speaks to ACCA’s vision of exotic artisnal expressions.

4. On ACCA’s social media channels you use #EffervescentNectarVSChampagne hashtag. What is the main advantage ACCA has compared with champagne?

The hashtag #EffervescentNectarVSChampagne is not by any means a comparison. Effervescent Nectar is totally different from what any other sparkling wine is doing in the market. Its just a contrast that pays homage while educating the consumer that there are other options in sparkling wine. A new and fun way to every day sparkle, curating moments without occasions…JUST BECAUSE!!!

5. Talking about social media, ACCA has well-functioning account network. However, your website is still under maintenance. In your opinion, social media channels are more important than website? Why?

Social media has risen to become the median in which to market today, whereby the reach is immeasurable. Almost making all other forms obsolete. With that being said I still believe websites are still very important as a secondary line of marketing or in tandem once social media platform is strong.

6. Creation of beverage product is a difficult process. What kind of difficulties you have faced?

Yes it was challenging. My background in marketing and sales groomed me to handle products already buttoned up and ready to-go-to market. Now, as the creator/supplier side of the business it provided a welcome learning curve. I have invaluable intimate experiences and answers to what happens before the curtain opens.

7. What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

The major advise I would have given myself before I started is to always think long game and be flexible for the main objective is ever evolving. And to really spit, not swallow…haha.

For more information visit ACCA website.

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