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Performance Caffeine – The Ultimate Pre-Performance Energy Shot

Performance Caffeine - The Ultimate Pre-Performance Energy ShotI find it really hard to get out of my bed during this time of the year. Short days and long, dark nights are the reasons why I try to look for products which can increase my attention and productivity. If you are not a big drinker, here’s a beverage shot like called Performance Caffeine. Today, I am extremely happy having a chance of talking with Mark Stander, the Founder at Performance Caffeine.

1. Each brand has a very interesting story to tell. What’s Performance Caffeine story?

Our company was born from a group of friends and former college and professional athletes who saw a void in the market for a truly functional performance based energy shot. Performance Caffeine was developed from us collaborating with scientists, chemists, and flavor specialists to create what we consider the most bioavailable energy shot on the market. By that we mean the degree and rate at which our product is absorbed into the body.

You see most energy drinks/shots overload the body with 500-1000% DVA of Vitamins and some sort of ridiculous amount of a so called “energy blend”. The truth is Vitamins are healthiest when trickled into the body. Bioavailability is enhanced and vitamin uptake is easiest on the liver, kidneys and endocrine system because this is how your body obtains Vitamins naturally. Our energy blend comes from a clean source Caffeine and a nootropic called Alpha GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) which is naturally produced by the brain.

2. Performance Caffeine has 2 different flavors. Can you tell us more about each? Which one is your favorite?

We are very excited about our new Beast Mode Berry and Watermelon Punch, which are both all natural flavor profiles.  Honestly, I can’t tell which is my favorite – and we’re getting great feedback on both. I guess it depends on what flavor you’re in the mood for.

3. Nice packaging and marketing strategy is very important. However, everyone know that what’s inside makes the difference. What are the most important ingredients in your products?

I totally agree. Our ingredients and formula as a whole were designed to co-function together. If we took out one ingredient then it wouldn’t have the effect we wanted to achieve, therefore all of the ingredients in our products are the most important.

4. “The first energy shot developed for athletes by athletes” is a slogan on your website. Just to be clear, who is your target market?

Yeah it’s obvious that athletes are at the core of our customer base but our name Performance Caffeine signifies anybody who is out there trying to perform at peak levels. Whether it be Athletes, Fitness enthusiasts, Firefighters, College students, Nurses, Construction workers, etc… Performance Caffeine is for anyone

And everyone else who is over 18 and not pregnant or breast-feeding that wants their body and mind to be working at top performance. Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters, Builders, Moms, Dads, etc.

Performance Caffeine - The Ultimate Pre-Performance Energy Shot5. It’s hard to do something right with the first try. Did you have any difficulties creating Performance Caffeine?

Absolutely! It has taken us over 2 years and several prototypes to get where we are today. Developing a great tasting product without sacrificing the natural ingredients is very difficult, but is extremely important to us.

We are continuously evolving.

The easy part for us was developing our base formula to function the way we wanted it to.

The hard part was masking the bitterness of the Vitamins and Caffeine

This requires you to be very involved with the formulating of the product. To create the best products we felt it was vital to setup manufacturing locally in Colorado. We are the first and only company in Colorado equipped to produce high-quality caffeine shots.

6. Performance Caffeine line is based in the United States. Where consumers can find your beverage? Are you planning to expand to other countries?

As you stated before, you can find us online at Performance Caffeine website. Our current major retail presence resides in Colorado but over the next two years you will start seeing us nationwide with our 5 year plan of going global.

7. What is your advice to other beverage startups?

Don’t expect your first prototype to be your last. Listen to your customers and continue to evolve. Failure is a guarantee so take it as a learning experience and know that perseverance is key.

For more information visit Performance Caffeine website.

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