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The Story Of Protein Rumble Supershake

The Story Of Protein Rumble Supershake

Rumble Supershake

Nutrition is an important part of healthy living. What we eat and drink affects our physical and mental performance, our energy, and our recovery from exercise. Eating well means taking in the right nutrients at the right time, and this is especially true for those hoping to build muscle, build strength, and build endurance.

Rumble Supershake is a natural and balanced protein drink. With 20 grams of protein, over 3000 milligrams of Omega 3 healthy fats, dietary fibre, and antioxidants, a bottle of Rumble is an excellent snack for all of your life’s activities. Rumble is gluten-free, with nothing artificial, yet somehow still tastes as good as chocolate milk. Today, we have an opportunity to get to know this brand. I am speaking with Danielle Leduc, Operations Manager at Rumble Supershake.

What’s the story behind Rumble?

Rumble was started by Paul Underhill. Paul has always been very active, but he also has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic lung condition. To supplement his nutrition, Paul was advised by doctors to drink nutritional shakes but was surprised when he couldn’t find natural alternatives to the big brands. That’s when he started making shakes in his kitchen.

Eventually, Paul teamed up with Dr. Kim McQueen (a naturopathic doctor) to create his recipes. James later joined to create a business plan and generate investment. During this time, Paul’s health deteriorated rapidly. In 2011, Paul received the gift of life with a double lung transplant and started his road to recovery with Rumble as his nutritional boost. Today, Rumble is in over 3,000 stores, and Paul is as active as ever.

The Story Of Protein Rumble SupershakeRumble Supershake is full of amazing nutrients and natural ingredients. Was it hard to combine these ingredients and still keep it tasty?

Definitely! It was a long process working with Dr. Kim as head of Nutrition, and food scientists in Canada. We went through many, many, many test samples. There’s no other company out there that has a shelf-stable, all natural product with the nutritional profile and great taste of Rumble.

At the moment, Rumble Supershake comes in 3 different flavors (Dutch Cocoa, Vanilla Maple, and Coffee Bean). Are you planning to add more flavors in the near future?

We would love to add more flavours. We’re hoping we’ll have more time for innovation in 2017.

At the moment, Rumble is available in the US and Canada. Are you planning to enter new markets?

Again, we’d love to, but it’s a question of capacity. We want to be successful in Canada and the US before we spread ourselves thin with international distribution.

What is the ideal consumer profile for Rumble Supershake?

Rumble is a protein shake for everyone. We kept the branding-friendly and not to sports-oriented to show all kinds of consumers that the drink is for them. We hear from a lot of busy families who love the drink as a healthy snack for their kids, and from individuals who drink Rumble to supplement their diet. That said, Rumble is very popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and the fitness community for its nutritional profile and taste.

When markets are full of different brands, it is definitely important to have a competitive advantage. What makes Rumble Supershake different in the beverage market?

Our formula, taste, and branding set us apart. We’re a lifestyle-oriented brand that doesn’t focus too heavily on the fitness market. And we’re all natural, with lots of extra good stuff like antioxidants and Omega 3’s in there. Rumble also tastes real – you don’t feel like you’re drinking something unnatural, artificial, or saccharine.

The Story Of Protein Rumble SupershakeWhat advice would you give to people who want to start, but are afraid to get involved in the beverage business?

Know what kind of brand you want to be. Put together a solid business plan. Build the business to be profitable early (instead of relying on an immense scale to bring profitability). It’ll make everything easier, from daily operations to growth to garnering investment.

For more information visit Rumble Supershake website.

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