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The Success Story Of Fit4Style Hot Protein Drink

The Success Story Of Fit4Style Hot Protein DrinkLooking for a new way to have your recommended daily protein intake? Fit4Style brings a breakthrough to the protein market. The startup presents hot protein drink for post workout. Today, I am extremely happy having a chance of talking with Noam Kaplan, CEO at Matok V’Kal Ltd.

1. Each brand has a very interesting story to tell. How did the whole story of Fit4Style start?

Matok V’Kal specializes in health products and thus for the company to enter the sport nutrition market was a natural move. In order to find the unique spot in the sport nutrition market we joined forces with Practical Innovation Ltd. to help us in developing an innovative product line to hit the market. We searched in blogs and interviewed people with active lifestyles and noticed a gap between the consumers’ needs and the protein drinks available on the market. Most active consumers are looking for a hot protein drinks in cold weather to keep the body temperature. Also, women are looking for a more elegant coffee like drink that will fit well in a casual meeting with friends at the gym club or a coffee after outwork. On the top of that, there is a growing demand for vegan protein drinks with a great taste and we specialized in making tasty vegan products.

2. Fit4Style hot protein has 3 flavors. I have to say these are uncommon flavors. Did you have any difficulties finding the perfect matches of ingredients? Which one is your favorite?

The flavors that are now in the market are salted caramel, vanilla, cappuccino. Masking the off flavor of vegetable proteins is extremely difficult, but we succeeded to overcome this challenge and chose to provide the preferred flavors of women with active lifestyles. My personal favorite is the Salted caramel, it is different from others tasted in the market and it is well balanced in flavors.

3. The drink comes with a disposable cup and a stirrer. The green movement against plastic waist is growing daily. Why have you chosen this type of packaging? Aren’t you afraid of losing a part of your consumers?

True there is a movement against plastic waist and we will also sell the product is sachets for use in reusable cups however, there is a large segment of consumers who find the handling of rinsing a protein drink after a workout tiring and so burdening that it prevents them from consuming a protein drink.

4. Your company also has a line of wearable spray. Can you tell us more about this line?

Fit4style Energy Spray is a revolutionary energy drink for consumption during sport activity. It has only 6 calories, no caffeine and it is best for workouts up to 75 minutes. It comes with a mint flavor, fashionable case and it easy to use. It is a continuation of our nutrition products aimed at recreational users seeking to get more out of their workout.The Success Story Of Fit4Style Hot Protein Drink

5. Fit4Style is based in Israel. Where consumers can find your products?

The products are currently market only in Israel. However, we are seeking for global partners to launch the product line internationally.

6. What is your advice to other beverage startups?

Our advice is to look beyond what is out on the market at the moment and seek what are the consumers hidden needs. A true innovation is not adding another gram of protein or adding another flavor to a beverage line, a true innovation is creating a product for a specific market target that answer a specific challenges and answer the consumers need for better-for-you products.

For more information visit Fit4Style website.

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