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The Success Story of Mother Nature’s Drinks

The Success Story of Mother Nature's Drinks“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Same goes with 100% natural juice drinks. Today, I have the opportunity to talk to Christina Iliya, Founder at Mother Nature’s.

1. How did you come up with the idea of creating Mother Nature’s?

I visited the northern region of Nigeria (Kaduna), West Africa in 2017 and it was there that i noticed the impact that drought was having on crop yields- climate change is a rising issue especially in West Africa and I could see the effect it is having on the most vulnerable regions of the world.

The locals there rely on fertile land to grow crops to food themselves and to trade to afford their livelihoods. Whilst on this trip, i was fortunate to speak with a number of independent farmers and their key concerns were their ability to mitigate the growing impacts food drought as a result of climate change. Furthermore, I had a chance to drink some of the most refreshing and natural drinks that are unique to the region. ‘zobo’ is a known recipe that combines lemons, ginger and hibiscus in the most magical way.

These ingredients are very unique in taste and together create a healthy cocktail that is naturally delicious. I am also aware that in the UK and a large part of the EU, there is a growing demand for ‘interesting and varied flavours’. Also, there are people such as myself who care about the environment and how their food is grown as well as the welfare of those who grow it. It was in this moment that Mother Nature’s was born.

Our aim is to empower farmers with the farming techniques they need to grow crops sustainability- we also ensure financial sustainability by ensuring farmers get a fair share for the herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables they grow for our drinks.

2. In my opinion, the market is full with the variety of different fresh drinks. What competitive advantages does Mother Nature’s drinks have when comparing it to similar products?

Our model is very unique-  aside from empowering farmers with the tools in which they need to mitigate climate change impacts, we make drinks that are inspired by a popular recipe in the community in which our ingredients are grown.

3. Creation of beverage product is a difficult process. What kind of difficulties you have faced?

We are still going through the development stage however, so far I have found that you cannot avoid making certain mistakes, especially at the very beginning. It is not all doom and gloom though- It has been a fun and enjoyable journey and my team and I are fortunate to have met really helpful and supportive individuals along the way.

4. Mother Nature’s drinks are a beverage line with two different flavours. Tell us more about each.

Zobo’- Hibiscus, Lemon and Ginger infused drink ( I absolutely love this drink- inside from the fact that it is good for you (high in anti oxidants, vitamin A, C and K- t is very unique in taste, rich in colour and natural flavour. This drink is inspired by a  popular native drink in the whole of West Africa; in the Northern region of West Africa, it is known as ‘zobo’.

Lamuji’- Pineapple and Ginger infused drink ( This drink is really tropical in taste and is refreshing in taste. It is also made of natural ingredients that are high nutritional value. This drink is inspired by a popular drink locally consumed in Ghana, West Africa.

The Success Story of Mother Nature's Drinks

5. I just adore Mother Nature’s packaging design. Who inspired you to create such a colourful packaging?

Thank you. It has been a team effort-I had an idea about how i wanted to capture the look and feel of our packaging but it was our Marketing consultant and Graphic designer that brought it all to life. We are keen on taking it a step further stay tuned as we have more excited changes to make to our look.

6. Mother Nature’s is made in the UK. Where consumers can find your products?

We currently sell our drinks locally- however, you can get your hands on these drinks via our online store- we deliver within the UK.

7. What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

Do not worry about not having all the answers or the resources you need- you will acquire those over time. Once you have started, you are more than half way there.

For more information visit Mother Nature’s website.

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