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There’s Simply Nothing Else Like It, Says Kieran Gandhi

There’s Simply Nothing Else Like It, Says Kieran GandhiHave you ever wondered what rose tastes like? Lanique brings the perfect balance of rose aroma and flavor to your favorite cocktail! Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Kieran Gandhi,  Managing Director at Lanique.

How did the whole story of Lanique start? Who inspires you to become an entrepreneur?

Lanique’s story dates back to 1785, when it was first created in the Kingdom of Prussia. It was enjoyed throughout the 1800s and early 1900s but was unfortunately lost during the World Wars when the availability of fresh rose petals dried up. Thankfully, it was rediscovered by Jersey-based entrepreneur Lawrence Huggler and relaunched in 2015.

Entrepreneurism is something that comes very naturally to me from my days helping to grow a small mobile bar business into a franchised multi-bar business. My work with Smith & Sinclair helping to grow its adult sweet business has influenced my role at Lanique, taking the product and business forward in new and exciting ways over the last two years. I would say I take a lot of inspiration from our owner Lawrence, who is the king of brand building.

There’s Simply Nothing Else Like It, Says Kieran GandhiLanique is a spirit of rose. Can you tell us more about the most important flavor notes?

As the name suggests, it’s all about rose! We distill thousands of hand-picked rose petals to extract the finest Attar of Rose (the essential essence that comes from the rose petals). We then blend this slowly into our spirit to get its signature flavour.

It’s very important to stand out as a brand in such a big market. What makes Lanique differ in the beverage market?

There’s simply nothing else like it. Lanique has a spirit strength of 39% abv, balanced with the mouth feel, viscosity and full flavour of a liqueur. Because of this, bartenders and customers are discovering Lanique and using it to add a twist to a classic cocktail, or simply topped up with tonic (just like a G&T!).

Beverage development is a tough process. What kind of difficulties have you faced?

Not many! We use the original recipe from 1785 to ensure our product remains authentic and has great provenance.

In your opinion, what are consumers looking for when it comes to beverages? What is the ideal consumer profile for Lanique?

Consumers are educated and informed when it comes to mixing their favourite spirits or ordering at a bar, which is brilliant as this encourages discovery and adventure. Flavour is key, and consumers this Spring/Summer are seeking floral, spritz-style drinks to enjoy at home or at lush bar terraces.

Lanique’s ideal customer is someone who lives life with a sense of “La Vie En Rose”, is inspired by creativity, loves sophistication and embodies a sense of splendor in the everyday. We don’t rule out anyone (unless you’re under 18 of course).

There’s Simply Nothing Else Like It, Says Kieran GandhiLanique is based in The United Kingdom. In which countries consumers can buy your brand?

Consumers can enjoy Lanique in the UK, Australia & South Africa (for now….!)

What are the biggest goals set for 2020?

To work with a brilliant supermarket to launch Lanique to the masses, to continue to work with amazing, creative bartenders in the UK and to extend our reach to many new markets around the world.

What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

Do it earlier in life, it’s such an incredible industry that allows budding entrepreneurs to blossom (sorry for the floral puns!).

For more information visit Lanique’s website.

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