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TRIP – A Tasty Way To Calmness

TRIP - A Tasty Way To CalmnessThe obsession with CBD-infused beverage brands is hitting the all-time high. New brands are emerging rapidly in the United Kingdom. One of the main goals for many of them is to stand out in a colorful crowd. Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Olivia Ferdi, Co-Founder of TRIP.

How did the whole story of TRIP start?

The idea for TRIP started in 2018, when Daniel (my co-founder and husband) suffered an ACL injury and had knee surgery 8 weeks before our wedding. Being told he wouldn’t be able to dance at our wedding we were searching for new remedies to help his recovery. Some New York based friends recommended trying CBD and results were incredible for reducing the pain and swelling, and helping Daniel sleep. We danced all through our wedding weekend, and Dan is already back playing competitive football and tennis.

His experience led us to rapidly start researching the history of cannabis, and the emergence of CBD. I started using CBD myself to help with anxiety, which would often flare up on my commute to the City, where I worked as a solicitor.

I had been using CBD tinctures, but wanted a CBD product that was convenient and enjoyable. Searching to create something that I could include in my active everyday routine, with fun elevated branding that wouldn’t look out of place on my desk at work, or out at a bar with friends.

We launched TRIP to give people that moment to reset, find calm and relax back into their best selves.

The line consists of 3 different flavors. Can you tell us more about each?

We were passionate about creating flavors that were light and refreshing. With a clean mouthfeel, something you could drink throughout the day at different moments. It was important to cater to these different moments, for different people who have different lifestyles, but all touched by pressures of living busy lives.

We have 2 lightly sparkling drinks and a cold brew coffee – each infused with 15 mg organically grown CBD (extracted in the UK). They are the lowest calorie CBD drinks available in the UK, with no added sugar and totally vegan formula. It was important to have the drinks in recyclable packaging with clear easy to understand messaging.

TRIP - A Tasty Way To CalmnessThe Elderflower Mint and Peach Ginger are lightly sparkling, with less than 19 kcals per can – each ​powered by natural adaptogens including turmeric, ginseng, l-theanine, ginger, lemon balm and chamomile for optimum balance.

Our Cold Brew Coffee is brewed for 24 hours for a smooth taste, is dairy-free with no calories, so you can enjoy the natural caffeine but let CBD help balance out any jitters.

Starting a beverage company is a challenging process. Did you have any experience in the beverage industry before?

Daniel and I are completely new to the industry – leaving our careers in finance and law to launch TRIP. We think this gives a fresh perspective on this completely new category – and as consumers in our target market, it keeps us uniquely abreast of shifting customer demands.

Usually, startups have many difficulties at the beginning. What challenges have you faced so far?

Without experience in the industry, choosing to launch in a new category without a validated precedent or an established network is a challenge. There is a lot to learn about technical and operational matters. We’ve been very open to this, learning fast and being passionate about the product and its benefits.

As I mentioned before, the competition in the CBD-infused beverage market is rapidly rising. What makes TRIP differ in this market?

TRIP is unique for 3 reasons:

  • On a product level, TRIP has one of the highest CBD contents and is the lowest calorie CBD drink available. With no added sugar, TRIP is uniquely powered by natural adaptogens to support anti-anxiety and other wellness benefits meaning customers are easily able to make the optimum choice for functionality and flavor.
  • TRIP has created a lifestyle brand resonating across retail, hospitality, grocery and boutique fitness. TRIP’s unique brand messaging and aesthetic is driving staggering success with retailers and has created a loyal community following unmatched by another CBD brand.
  • TRIP is positioned as the only premium CBD drinks brand, championing quality and appealing to the millennial consumers driving growth in this new sector. By delivering results to its customers, our fan base is full of return customers – an advantage to challenge incumbent brands and others moving into the market.

What is the biggest milestone planned for 2020?

We’re working on new product development so watch this space!

TRIP - A Tasty Way To Calmness

Is TRIP suitable for everyone? Who is TRIP’s target market?

We designed TRIP to work across different lifestyles, we don’t prescribe a specific way to drink TRIP. We support customers in enjoying TRIP as part of their personal lifestyle choices; whether that’s to improve their overall wellness, help them with anxiety or if they want to mix it into cocktails! Our current customers so far are typically young, millennial and Gen-Z conscious consumers.

As I understand, TRIP is available only in the United Kingdom. Are you planning to expand into other countries? Which ones?

TRIP launched in the UK, and is also available in Holland. We will be working on further EU expansion.

What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

We’re only 3 months into the launch and this exciting adventure, so ask us this time next year!

For more information visit TRIP’s website.

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