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An African-Inspired Gin Bottled in Hamburg

An African-Inspired Gin Bottled in HamburgThe gin market is growing every single year with interesting new releases. So, it seems it is getting harder to stand out and be noticed by consumers. Even though the task isn’t very easy, the Elephant Gin team knows how to attract attention and keep consumers coming back to taste their brand again and again. Today, The PR director of Elephant Gin, Alex Godfrey, is going to answer the question of why Elephant Gin must be tried out by every gin lover?

How did the whole story of Elephant Gin start?

The founders of Elephant Gin, Tessa and Robin Gerlach visited Africa on their travels, and seeing the plight of the African elephant at the hands of the ivory trade, they knew that they had to act. Tessa’s love of conservation teamed with Robin’s love of beautifully crafted gin, and Elephant Gin was born!

An African-Inspired Gin Bottled in Hamburg

Elephant Gin is produced using even 14 different taste notes. Which ones are more unusual to the gin category?

The gin includes rare African ingredients, which connect the gin back to the landscape that inspired it and create the gin’s distinctive flavour profile. In addition to the juniper aroma, African Buchu introduces a flavour similar to blackcurrant, while the African Wormwood comes with a sharp floral note. Combined with mountain pine and fresh apple sourced from the orchards surrounding the distillery, you can expect a rich yet perfectly balanced gin with a lingering finish.

Inspired by South Africa, made in Germany. It’s a pretty unusual combination of different traditions and cultures. What is the importance of each country to Elephant Gin to make it so unique and attractive?

Africa was Elephant Gin’s original inspiration, the animals, the people and the landscape are all essential to the brand – even today, Elephant Gin is working with the Maasai tribe to created beaded bottles and craftsmen in South Africa to produce their stunning leather travel bags. Tessa and Robin are both originally from Germany, so it was natural to place their production near their home town of Hamburg.

Elephants are noble animals; however, it seems that humans have a horrible relationship to these animals. How your brand raised awareness of the issues related to elephants?

Elephant Gin is dedicated to these beautiful animals, it’s the brand’s aim to protect them for many future generations to come. 15% of all proceeds are donated to two African elephant conservations, the proceeds of which have just opened a school which aims to educate children in preserving their country

Where can consumers purchase Elephant Gin? Are you planning to spread into other countries? If so, which ones?

An African-Inspired Gin Bottled in Hamburg

Elephant Gin is available at:

  • Selfridges
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Fortnum & Mason
  • Soho Wines
  • Master of Malt
  • Whiskey Exchange
  • Booths
  • 31 Dover
  • Laithwaites

Bar Stockists (a selection)

  • Hix Group / Marks Bar / Hixter Bankside
  • Mr Foggs
  • Balthazar
  • Dukes Hotel bar
  • Oriole
  • Brown Cow
  • Nightjar

The gin is available worldwide

Elephant Gin is a premium beverage product with great communication to its consumers. Who is your target market?

Anyone who loves good gin and cocktails! Martini fans will especially love Elephant Gin.

Due to the huge variety of different gin brands, it must be hard to keep consumers loyal. What are your main tools to help keep consumers loyal to your brand?

Elephant Gin is dedicated to the highest standards of production, keeping runs small and launching innovative new products to excite and entertain their fans

As with all brands, it must have been hard at the beginning. What were the most difficult issues your team had to solve?

Juggling work whilst launching the brand was very hectic, Elephant Gin are so happy to be full time on the brand now and love every minute of the project.

For more information visit Elephant Gin website.

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