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Jonathan Goldsmith Partners With Astral Tequila

Jonathan Goldsmith Partners With Astral TequilaWe’ve always wondered what pop culture icon Jonathan Goldsmith really drinks. The answer is Astral Tequila.

“I told you I don’t always drink beer. I prefer tequila – Astral Tequila,” says Goldsmith in a video message directed by David Lipman.

Astral Tequila, awarded a “Double Gold Medal” by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and part of the Davos Brands portfolio, was founded by Master Sommelier Richard Betts and is a unique spirit reminiscent of the way tequila was made 150 years ago before it was industrialized. The tequila is elegant, complex, subtle, smooth and balanced.  A spirit with character, far from boring, just like its new partner, Jonathan Goldsmith.

Source: Astral Tequila

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