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Twisted Halo Founder Jess Titcumb On Her Thoughts On The RTD Industry

Industry Knowledge And Where You See This GrowingThe UK RTD market was valued at £518 million in 2016, (Mintel 2016) and premium brands have seen an increase in growth due to the growing number of consumers conscious of what they’re eating and drinking, more so than ever before. With sugar emerging as the number one health problem, 56% of adults are actively taking steps towards reducing their sugar intake. (Mintel’s Attitudes towards Sugar and Sweeteners – UK, January 2017 Report). Yet there are few RTD’s currently on the market that reflect consumer trends and wants. According to 

Mintel’s ‘White Spirit and RTD Report, December, 2016’, Twisted Halo (currently crowdfunding on Seedrs) is a rare example of a brand that reference a Low/No/Reduced sugar claim and includes healthy ingredients such as coconut water and ginger which, in theory, should  encourage health-conscious consumers to buy.

Others that are quick to follow suit are Tesco which launched the largest ‘no/low’ alcohol section in its history which is a decision that will continue to encourage more focus upon an up-market reinvention. The days of artificial “alcopops” are disappearing with 44% of adults now admitting they look for interesting and diverse flavours and stating the needs for transparency with alcohol drinks is also important.

Next steps in this industry is experimenting with new flavours, keeping calories and ingredients simple and honest.

About Jess Titcumb

Prior to setting up Twisted Halo, Jess had a career as an interior designer having graduated from KLC School of Design. She worked for international companies such as Andrew Martin, FBC London & De Le Cuona working on a variety of projects across Europe. She graduated from St Andrew's University and returns to guest lecture at the Management School.

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