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LGND Nootropic Energy Drink

LGND Nootropic Energy DrinkLGND, Inc. is on a mission to fuel driven, ambitious, professional individuals with a new type of energy-enhancing beverage. LGND beverages use natural, healthy, and nootropic ingredients to bring a functional, performance-enhancing drinking experience to those pushing to live life to the fullest. If you aren’t familiar with nootropics, they are natural or synthetic substances that may have a positive impact on mental skills.

In the case of LGND, the nootropic ingredients are all-natural.The LGND blend includes ingredients like green tea extract, turmeric root, Bacopa monnieri, acetyl L-carnitine HCL, and N-acetyl L-tyrosine. The ingredients are designed to come together to boost focus, wellbeing, energy, memory, and learning.

LGND comes in two flavors, Silk Ginger Grapefruit and Original Spicy Ginger. The products come in cans of 12 fluid ounces in 12-unit cases. LGND beverages also include added prebiotics and dietary fiber in the form of inulin (chicory root).

LGND Original Spicy Ginger

As the name suggests, this beverage packs a spicy ginger punch. Light yellow in color with high carbonation, the aroma, and flavor of ginger hit hard upon opening. If you enjoy the zesty flavors and mouthfeel of ginger and ginger brews, you will like LGND Original. The high flavor profile makes it enjoyable to sip. The added nootropic benefits bring another layer of excitement to this beverage.

LGND Silk Ginger and Grapefruit

The addition of grapefruit brings a bit more sweetness and balance to the spicy ginger flavor. The citrus essence and high carbonation make LGND Silk Ginger Grapefruit a perfect summer beverage. In addition to being refreshingly flavorful and complex, LGND Silk Ginger Grapefruit boasts the added benefits of nootropics to naturally enhance physical and mental performance.

Summary: If you’re excited about using nootropics to enhance your vitality and performance and enjoy the spicy experience of ginger, LGND beverages are for you. Uniquely flavorful and packed with a broad range of natural nootropic ingredients, LGND Original Spicy Ginger and LGND Silk Ginger Grapefruit bring functional drinks to a new level of taste and quality ingredients.

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