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Plantus – Herbal Infused Sparkling Health Drinks

Plantus - Herbal Infused Sparkling Health DrinksPlantus has created a line of sparkling herbal health drinks that puts their plants at the forefront. All the fresh herbs and botanicals in these tart and fizzy drinks are organically grown in France! They’ve infused their sour and sunny lemon and rosemary base with plants that have been used as remedies in their family for ages to create two distinct and inspiring flavors: Calanque and Valley. Each 330 ml slim-necked glass bottle comes with a bottle-cap top and features a vibrant color-block style label featuring beautiful natural landscapes. The packaging alone makes you feel like you’re about to take a wellness retreat in the French Alps. Plantus drinks are 100% organic, and are free of sugar, sweetener, and artificial colors and flavors. Those looking for a refreshing alternative to the same old herbal tea will love this wholesome twist on a classic.

Calanque (Thyme/Rosemary/Sage)

This flavor is infused with organic thyme, rosemary, and sage. There’s a strong garden herb aroma when you pop open the bottle. Delicate bubbles make for a refreshing delivery, and the sour lemon flavor quickly gives way to a complex and bold herbal taste. This flavor is unusual but not unsatisfying! We enjoyed this herbal blend, and according to the makers of Plantus, the sage and rosemary in this recipe are both thought to have restorative properties for the liver! A great flavor for those who want a sparkling beverage that is more tart and herbal than sweet.

Valley (Verbena/Lemon Balm/Peppermint)

Infused with verbena, lemon balm, and peppermint, this is a delicious and cooling recipe that we think would be best enjoyed on a hot day. While the lemon is strong in both flavors, the peppermint offers a nice balance in this recipe, both in aroma and taste. There’s a cooling peppermint aftertaste to this flavor that we really enjoy. Again, there may be added wellness benefits, according to the creators: both lemon balm and peppermint could help ease digestion! These flavors will favor the bold, but we think tea lovers are going to want to get on board with this new take!

For more information visit Plantus website.

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