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The Story Of OATH Protein Beverage Brand

The Story Of OATH Protein Beverage BrandA balanced diet is a key to a healthy body and a happy soul. However, we all know those days filled with stressful assignments without any time for a proper lunch break. OATH offers a great solution. Organic oat milk with plant protein beverage line promises to deliver health benefits without compromising on exceptional taste. Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Royce Pinkwater, Founder of OATH.

Who or what inspired you to create OATH?

As a busy working mom and a woman who cares about eating healthy foods and being fit, I could not find an organic, plant protein drink that was delicious, silky smooth with no aftertaste or bloating.

My Co-Founder Andy, (who is a food wizard) and I got together and started what became quite a project; we created amazing organic oat milk (which became a major food trend) and we found unique proteins that are lighter and smoother than what is on the market. We searched far and wide for ingredients that met our standards. We innovated flavors that would satisfy the most demanding taste experts. This all resulted in OATH: organic oat milk with 15/16 grams of plant protein and a treat to drink.

We worked on it for two years and I am so proud to say we broke the mold with OATH, a product that is so clean, organic, healthy and delicious, With 15-16 grams of plant protein and such a treat to drink.

Creating and managing a beverage brand must be tough. What obstacles did you already overcome?

We knew when we started that this was not going to be easy. It is a huge challenge to create a product that is not out there, so you are working with concepts and hope they prove out. The creation of OATH itself was a labor of science and love.

We worked with food scientists, the NYU School of Nutrition was a big supporter, a talented creative team and a good co-packer. The list is endless, actually.

We started by creating the best organic oat milk we ever tasted. We started when barely an awareness about oat milk; a year later, talk of it was everywhere, and many brands were jumping on the bandwagon. We didn’t want our incredible product to get lost in the noise. We knew the oat milk had plenty of protein in it already; we decided that protein drinks (and I had been looking for a great one and not finding it for a long time) were in great need of reinvention, and looked for the finest organic proteins we could access, and it all came together: our OATH, Oat Milk and Plant Protein beverage.

The fact that we got to the point where we were produced, in bottles, and now, on the shelves, was an enormous feat. The biggest plus is that we have a very talented team, who go that extra mile, and have the imagination and perseverance to make good ideas happen, not just remain good ideas. Then, you have the support you need to figure things out, every step of the way.

OATH is a functional beverage line with 4 different flavors. Can you tell us more about each? Which one is your favorite?

Our flavors are amazing, we ensure that we put the right proportion of ingredients in so that they have true functionality. Our flavors are Double Chocolate, Matcha Chai, Golden Turmeric and Indian Rose.

  • The Double Chocolate is a crowd favorite, as it tastes like chocolate shakes everyone loved as a kid.
  • The Matcha Chai puts two wonderful flavors together: matcha and chai, both of which are very popular.  Combining them brings out the best of each.
  • Golden Turmeric, is wonderful for your digestion, and your stomach area generally. It is recommended before bed to help your digestion, and for centuries, people have done so. We have made sure we added the oil and pepper to the recipe, as that activates turmeric.
  • Indian Rose is a reimagined drink from India called Holi and is served once a year during the one day Holi Festival.  It has notes of rose, of course, fennel and spices. Absolutely delicious.

I love them all. If I had to choose, I would say Double Chocolate and Indian Rose are my personal favorites: I can’t just pick one as each of the flavors can be consumed at different times of the day and in unique ways.

OATH has a variety of interesting ingredients. Which one is the most important? What benefits do they provide?

It’s in the name. OATS. We believe Oats are ingredients that will allow OATH to build a food brand beyond just beverages. Oats and their dietary fibers, which are the basis of all our drinks, are known to be one of the world’s healthiest foods Studies have shown that oats help prevent heart disease, helping by lowering cholesterol, help with regularity, control blood sugar levels, are a rich source of magnesium, supports weight loss, enhances our immune response to disease, protects our skin.  And protein – if you want something on that. When you drink Oath, you FEED YOUR BODY AND FREE YOUR MIND.  Every drink benefits your body and your mind. The ingredients we choose make that possible.

All of our drinks are loaded with antioxidants, which fight the free radicals that damage our cells and body function.  In addition to the power of oat milk and plant protein, each drink has its own specific functionality.

The Story Of OATH Protein Beverage BrandSpecifically, Double Chocolate: Cocoa/chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, leading to feelings of euphoria. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is both a stimulant and a sedative.  It soothes and relaxes you, while providing an energy boost. Chocolate is caffeinated, which delivers a quick shot of energy, and boosts physical and mental performance. Chocolate has a lot of flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants that protect the heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Indian Rose: This is our drink which is nut-free, the protein deriving from the pumpkin seed. Rose petals are antibacterial.  It is great for skin, to reduce inflammation, blemishes, and preventing breakouts. Rose petals enhance mood – relaxes the central nervous system which helps with anxiety and depression. Fennel seeds provide us important nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Matcha Chai: Matcha is packed with antioxidants, and is caffeinated and gives us a major energy boost and focus without the caffeine jitters. It also boosts our metabolism and burns calories. It relaxes us, enhances our mood and enables concentration. It detoxifies and is rich in fiber. The spices in Chai are loaded with healing benefits, having been used for this throughout the world for centuries. Nutmeg, for instance, improves brain health, relieves insomnia, and has antidepressant properties. Cardamom is considered the King of spices, is an antibacterial and treats infections.  It also has diuretic properties and is said to have many anti-inflammatory benefits, and studies have shown disease is based on inflammation. Cloves have nutrients like fiber, manganese, vitamin K and C.

Golden Turmeric: Turmeric has been used for centuries to aid digestion, supports the brain and nervous system, bolsters the immune system and relieves stomach upset. MCT oil helps with weight loss by the release of peptide YY and leptin, hormones that promote the feeling of fullness. It also provides instant energy. Ginger stimulates digestion, is said to lower blood pressure, and reduces nausea. Black pepper, studies have shown, fights depression, promotes digestion, supports weight loss and helps with nutrient absorption.

Knowing your target market is one of many keys to building a successful brand. Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is as psychographic not a demographic. Our product transcends age and has more to do with a state of mind, and how you live your life. OATH is perfect for people on the go, who do not have time to make breakfast or fuss over creating healthy meals. People who are into fitness and need a protein boost before or after their workout. People who want to find a great tasting protein drink that is organic and has many health benefits. Parents who buy it for their kids, who need protein and great ingredients as they grow. Hard-working individuals, who want a great, filling and healthy drink to have for lunch at their desks. People who are flying on an airplane (with unhealthy, bad tasting food) can buy a bottle of OATH at the airport and use it as a meal replacement in that scenario.

OATH is a startup in the beverage market. What are the most important goals for 2020?

One goal is to increase our distribution, throughout the country. We’ve been in the market for 3 weeks and we are already in 300 stores. To keep up that momentum, we’ll hope to add larger stores like Whole Foods to build our distribution base. We’ll also be introducing addition flavors, formats and another product line in our portfolio in early 2020.

As we any brand, we need to reach as many people as we can, so they can be aware of and try OATH.  The feedback thus far has been amazing, everyone who tastes this drink loves it, so we need more and more people trying it. We’re committed to invest in collaborations with synergistic, visionary brands in areas of fitness, wellness, art, fashion, beauty, etc.  We are currently collaborating, through the end of December, with Madhappy, an optimistic lifestyle brand that mirrors our values around mental health.

We’ll continue to grow our social media platforms to be a destination for inspiration and excitement, not envy, and build our direct to consumer channel to be able to make consuming OATH even easier.

OATH is based in the United States. Where consumers can find your beverage line? 

We are on the East Coast and the Mid Atlantic – NY down to DC. Consumers can go to our store locator on our website and find stores that we are in. Next stop we’ll be dropping OATH in December on the west coast starting with LA.

What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

The same advice I gave myself when I started out in the real estate business.

I knew that the real estate business was highly competitive and rough around the edges and I knew I just had to work harder, learn more, to be smarter to win. That is what I did (of course, there are many details to that), and I won many times, gaining a top place in the industry for many years.

Having done this already, as an entrepreneur, I knew that the principles and practices were, in many ways, the same. The beverage business has different details and people, but it’s just as competitive and tough. I have to follow the same plan I did before and I think we will be okay.

For more information visit OATH website.

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