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Rocks Organic Cordial Line For Adults

Rocks Organic Cordial Line For Adults
The line of organic, natural concentrated drinks is sweetened with organic cane sugar, organic juice concentrates, and spring water. Drinks are packed in 360-mL glass bottles with a screw opening and beautiful paper labels, with a taste that matches the design.

Blackcurrant cordial. Opening the bottle immediately gives off a strong, clear blackcurrant aroma, retained after some dilution with water. The drink’s colour depends on the preferred dilution, but definitely matches the taste of blackcurrant from the organic juice concentrate. With a sweet, well-balanced taste, the cordial has a dry mouthfeel characteristic of blackcurrants.

Ginger cordial. The drink has the distinctive, mildly strong flavour of ginger. Tasting reveals a clear ginger flavour that is unexpectedly lacking in spiciness given the recipe’s use of organic chili powder. Larger sips permit hints of chili. The diluted beverage is bright yellow due to the organic ginger root.

Spiced fruit cordial. The aroma of this cordial is reminiscent of hot, mulled Christmas wine. The exceptionally strong flavour comes from the organic cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and orange oil, while the aroma comes from the cloves and cinnamon. Both are balanced by various berry and fruit flavours from organic apple, elderberry, blackcurrant, and cherry juice concentrates, which also give it the natural colour of mixed berries.

Elderflower cordial. This cordial is made with elderflower extract, which dominates the aroma and taste, both balanced with organic lemon juice. Opening the bottle releases delicate notes of elderflower. The colour of the drink is naturally yellowish.

Lime cordial. Opening the bottle immediately gives off a strong lime aroma that makes mixing with anything else difficult. The cordial is made of organic whole fresh limes, which give the syrup a particularly thick texture, fresh aroma, and even the characteristic bitterness of lime. Coloured slightly yellow and turbid, the drink balances sweetness, sourness, and bitterness for very refreshing sips.

This drink line can be used for cold beverage preparation or even mixed with hot water, tea, or coffee. The products are highly versatile and definitely worth having at home. They’re also all natural and even organic. What could be better?

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