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Consumption of Sports Nutrition Products on the Rise

Consumption of Sports Nutrition Products on the RiseIn modern times, the world population has become more health conscious and are embracing a healthy lifestyle. The sports nutrition market in Asia-Pacific has shown a tremendous growth in recent years. As individuals are prioritizing and laying emphasis on health, the sports nutrition market has benefited from the trends.

Sports nutrition especially, sports drinks and sports food gain popularity gradually owing to high nutritional value and health benefits associated with them. Protein milks, sports food, and dietary supplements have become a part of a health trend witnessed on a large scale in the Asia-Pacific region. The end-users of these products are athletes, sportsmen, body builders, and individuals who take keen interest in fitness regimes and physical fitness.

Allied Market Research recently published a report on the sports nutrition market. The report is a resourceful tool for individuals seeking information related to the market, such as market share, size, and growth. Leading food and beverage manufacturers are studying the change in trend and are introducing innovative products to the market in sync with the growing need for healthier variations.

Polyphenols in sports nutrition

Sportsmen, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts have often complained about the effects of free radicals and inflammation on sports performance. This severely affects the performances of athletes and hinders their ability to perform. Research and development in the field have shown promising results and polyphenols will potentially address the aforementioned issue.

Polyphenols are found in plant food sources and have exhibited strong antioxidant properties. This property urged researchers to explore the potential of polyphenols in human bodies. Polyphenols also have cardiovascular benefits.

Consumption of Sports Nutrition Products on the Rise as Health and Fitness Gains ImportanceAccording to Alex Schauss, PhD, senior research director at AIBMR Life Sciences, said that the activity of polyphenolic ingredients in sports nutrition is not overwhelming and if consumed in sufficient amounts, they will enhance exercise performance and reduce exercise induced damage to muscles and joints. Introduction of polyphenols in sports nutrition products will not only help consumers who exercise daily but also consumers who have just started working out.

The polyphenol intake will help to combat post exercise irritation and soreness.

Organization offers solutions for healthy nutrition

The sports nutrition market is growing at a very rapid pace and this has prompted organizations to introduce sports nutrition products to their existing product line. The number of products that are promoted with health-related claims has increased by 76% in the last five years. Right from children to families, all individuals are looking for healthier alternatives in sports nutrition.

Dohler, has identified the need to offer solutions for healthy nutrition and have developed liquid-protein solutions to support muscle health of athletes, sportsmen and individuals who indulge in physical activities. The company has developed products that support healthy and athletic lifestyle that include a blend with L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Fitness is now a lifestyle choice

Over the years, the way individuals perceive fitness has changed drastically. From being a one off occasional activity, today fitness has gained a lot of importance. It is now considered to be a lifestyle choice and this has urged manufacturers to focus on manufacturing sports nutrition products, such as sports supplements, drinks, and food. Sports nutrition products are consumed by all individuals ranging from a casual user to high-level athletes and body builders.

Consumption of Sports Nutrition Products on the Rise as Health and Fitness Gains ImportanceIncrease in the standard of living in developing nations such as India and China due to rise in urbanization have boosted the sales of sports nutrition products in the region. Individuals have become more health conscious and the growing awareness regarding health and fitness has urged individuals to consume sports nutrition products.

The sports nutrition markets in India and China is still at a nascent stage. However, as the trend is gradually changing, the mentioned regions are potentially a huge market for sports nutrition products. Leading manufacturers are making innovations and introducing sports nutrition products to their product line.

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