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How To Use Live Chat To Improve SaaS Lead Generation

How To Use Live Chat To Improve SaaS Lead GenerationCustomer service used to work in a simple way in the beverage industry – trying to improve customer experience while upselling other products. While this may have worked once, nowadays with various approaches to customer service, it’s nearly impossible.

People have the ability to share their experiences with others across the globe and various platforms. This means that brands have to listen to their opinions, engage and improve accordingly. The customers demand it, practically. They expect quick responses and brands have a much easier and cheaper way – responding via live chat rather than responding over the phone or through an email. Some beverage brands understand this while some still have to work towards this.

Here is how you can use live chat to generate SaaS leads.

Live chat gives real time assistance

Your goal here is not only to have a good customer service but a legendary one. This means that your customer service has to work for building customer engagement, raising brand awareness and give top-notch service. Keep in mind that customers have other companies available for their various needs and that they probably have some experience with live chats. You want to give them real assistance and some real help in this case.

The way this helps your SaaS lead generation is by creating great customer experience. Happy customers often turn into leads.

Seamless, for instance, has great live chat options on their Twitter profile where they respond within minutes.

Great mobile experience

In the fast paced world that we live in, mobile devices are crucial to communicating with your customers. However, you need to have an optimized live chat that works seamlessly on mobile and doesn’t cause your users any additional issues. Choose quality apps that can truly take your live chat to the next level instead of ruining your rates. The availability of this option is what’s going to get you many great leads.

As previously mentioned, Seamless has an excellent Twitter DM option that provides quick and accurate responses.

How To Use Live Chat To Improve SaaS Lead GenerationIt’s low budget

The best thing about live chat and using it for marketing and lead generation purposes is that it’s very cheap. Other marketing strategies are often very expensive and even regular customer service options are not as cheap as live chat. It’s simple messaging yet it can do so many great things for your business, especially with keeping your lead generation cheap but effective.

You can analyze the data

You can generate more leads by having a live chat software where you can analyze customer behavior. Then you can use the data to deliver personalized services that can turn your visitors into leads and later into customers. With a built in monitoring feature you can have information about location, gender, which pages your users are viewing the most, how they found you and so on. All of this you can use as a future reference.

Create a unique experience

The most important thing about your live chat option is that it provides a personal, genuine experience to the users. Only this can make them feel truly valued and entice them to become a lead and later a consumer of your product.

Gatorade makes sure to respond to various customer issues and questions across platforms and they often make people so happy that they end up sharing great Gatorade responses and so on.

Using Live Chat To Generate Leads

Live chat is one of the best ways to generate leads. It’s not only creating a unique experience for your users but it’s also an affordable and fun way to communicate, gather feedback and improve your overall results. Beverage industry has already made themselves available through live chat and maybe you should consider it too.

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