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The Next Juicy Trend – What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

The Next Juicy Trend - What Makes a Craft Cocktail?Crafting a cocktail is much more than mixing a drink. It’s a craft that’s artistic, flavorsome and fresh. Cocktails are popularly enjoyed across the Globe and this type of beverage is all about the experience. There can always be something unique: whether it’s the palette, the people or the place- and seeking a specialist bar ensures you will get that perfect experience.

With vast ingredients and finer details to choose from, there are many elements that ‘make’ a craft cocktail. Think of this drink like a hand-written letter: it’s simply created and authentically received.

The History Of A Craft Cocktail

These (traditionally) alcoholic drinks boomed in the 90s, mainly using vodka as its signature liquor. Whilst this remains a staple spirit to lots of the recipes, you’ll now find crafted cocktails have evolved to include a generous range of rums, gins, tequila and whiskey formulations (to name a mere few.) The wonderful thing about these beverages is that they can suit every taste bud or open new dynamics.

Part of the appeal when indulging in a crafted cocktail is flexibility. Much like you may order a bespoke piece of furniture or a richly personalized cake, a crafted cocktail welcomes you to have your say. Not only this, but every bartender may have a slightly different methodology for perfecting their selection of cocktails. They will be well rehearsed, providing uniqueness in their delivery. There’s always a personal touch to your delicious drink.

Making An Impact With A Craft Cocktail

Perhaps on a scorching day, a drink such as a mojito takes your fancy – packed with citrus, muddled with mint and tumbled with ice. Maybe when the winter draws in, a heavier, darker cocktail may be your match: bourbon and cinnamon are typical flavors for the colder months.

One of the most noticeable aspects of this beverage is the visual invitation! It is the aesthetic of crafted cocktails which often entices a consumer to try a new form of the drink- or tempts the senses towards a trusted favorite. Part of the craftsmanship is in creating the ‘look’ of each eclectic cocktail: colors, chosen glassware, ice cubes and stirrers are a much of the concoction as the liquid itself! Some drinks are topped with salts or fruit flavors, some have fruit slices or sprigs of herb sitting on the surface and some are designed with a stand-out decoration to finish.

Attention To Detail

Taking ‘care’ is important when it comes to a crafted cocktail. These are handmade drinks whereby ingredients are carefully measured and arranged together. In a Margarita, for example, many connoisseurs of the drink like to rub the rim of the glass with a lime slice first, creating an initial impact for the drinker. Meanwhile, there is precision in something like a classic cosmopolitan – where the blend of fruit juices and spirits is what creates the impact (and to change the proportions might spoil the flavor!)

And there’s even more reason to choose a high-quality cocktail: they can be better for your health.

Fresh ingredients often take precedence, with fruit juices, plant extract or slices used to add to the delicacy. Not only does this make the taste buds thankful, but- as far as alcoholic consumption goes- cocktails offer a healthier twist.

Once synonymous with unnaturally sugar-filled fluid, crafted cocktails are now more inclined to pack a punch with fresh fruit juice. Natural juices, such as orange, cranberry and peach carry a delicate sweetness throughout. Citrus, when it’s been freshly pressed or sliced, provides a burst of vitamin C and vigor! And any plant or tea extracts included will treat you with a sprig of something organic.

It’s clear to see that opting for this fresh quality will blend a dose of goodness into your drink!

Then there’s the accompaniment of soda water or lemonade- with many bars stocked with sugar-free alternatives.  Additionally, it is customary to find alcohol-free options (mocktails) if you’re after an even ‘cleaner’ derivate. Overall, whilst cocktails are widely available, higher-quality crafts will be better for you.

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