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Advantame Approved in Europe

On 3 June 2014, the European Commission approved Advantame, the new, low calorie sweetener from Ajinomoto, thus helping food and beverage companies to meet their commitments to help tackle overweight and obesity by reducing calories and sugar in their products.

advantame-sweetener-taste-excellenceAdvantame is a new ingredient with a clean, sugar-like taste and can be used to reduce calories, while maintaining the excellent sweet taste that consumers expect. In the words of the Commission Regulation, Advantame

“will provide manufacturers with greater flexibility in
formulating energy-reduced foods with a similar taste profile
as the full-caloric equivalent.”

Advantame blends well wit
h sugar and other caloric sweeteners, providing food and beverage companies with an opportunity both to reduce calories and to manage sweetening costs.

Advantame was also approved for general use as a sweetener in foods and beverages by the US Food & Drug Administration on May 19. In addition, Advantame is FEMA GRAS approved in the United States for use in frozen dairy applications, milk products, beverages and chewing gums. The ingredient has found success in North America and Asia in applications where it is used to enhance various flavours. Advantame also extends the duration of the sweet taste in confectionery.

Source: AJINAMOTO press release

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