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Arla relaunching its brand worldwide

The new slogan ‘Let in the Goodness’ will be accompanied by the dairy company’s largest international marketing campaign to date, underlining Arla’s position as one of the leading global dairy manufacturers.

“There is a global demand for milk, and dairy is an integral part of the everyday life for the majority of us. In this lies a great potential which we are looking to release with the new marketing campaign. In Arla, we have a strong dairy tradition and are recognised for producing and exporting healthy, natural and responsible dairy products, which are among the best in the world. Based on our strong history, we want to strengthen the global knowledge of Arla as a company which provides healthy and natural products,” says CEO Peder Tuborgh.

Closer to consumers

Prior to launching the campaign, Arla has focused intensively on talking to people across countries and cultures to find out what dairy products mean to them in their daily life. Those living in emerging and developing countries see the natural nutritional properties of milk as a significant contribution to improving their family’s and, in particular, their children’s health and future. In Europe, focus is more on taste, enjoyment and good moments when serving dairy products.

“In Europe, we probably tend to take milk and its universal importance for our health a bit for granted. But irrespective of where we live, we all cherish the special moments during the day where you enjoy a homemade meal with your family, quench your thirst with a glass milk or have a cup of coffee at the office. With our ‘Let in the Goodness’ slogan, we would like to remind everyone that our dairy products play a role in millions of these good moments around the world every day,” relates Peder Tuborgh.

‘Let in the Goodness’ replaces the former ‘Closer to Nature™’ slogan in which Arla’s focus was on the environment and natural products. Internally, ‘Closer to Nature™’ has served as a fantastic driver for new ideas and investments, something which has probably made Arla the world’s most sustainable global dairy. This work will continue, while the marketing of the Arla® brand will now move closer to what consumers focus on in their daily life: health, natural products and moments of goodness.

‘Let in the Goodness’ has already been launched in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands,  and today it’s Sweden’s  turn to launch the massive marketing campaign that is targeted at markets across five continents. The campaign includes both classic and alternative campaign elements. Arla’s logo will remain unchanged, but the visual expression on packaging and in the campaign is new. In addition, a number of small brands will be re-named or be placed under the Arla® brand.

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Source: Arla company press release

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