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The Power of Less

download (4)BENEO Presents Smart Ingredient Choices for Sugar Reduced, Low Glycaemic and Gluten-Free Product Formulations
HiE 2014, Amsterdam (2nd – 4th December), Hall 1, Booth G4

September 2014 – ‘The Power of Less’ is the overriding theme for BENEO at HiE this year. As growing numbers of consumers experience the health benefits of reducing, or even avoiding, certain food components, BENEO will be demonstrating the potential that ingredient reduction and replacement presents to food and drink manufacturers alike.
HiE 2014 provides BENEO with the ideal opportunity to show visitors how the company’s naturally derived ingredients can be used to make the most of the growing demand for sugar reduced, low glycaemic and gluten-free product formulations. As well as showcasing the range of technical, nutritional and health benefits that are possible when BENEO’s prebiotic fibres, rice derivatives and functional carbohydrates are used in food and drink applications, visitors to the stand will also be able to sample a wide range of new product concepts.
Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director at BENEO comments: “With an average of 60% of European consumers now trying to limit or avoid sugar in their daily diet and the retail value for gluten-free food in Europe increasing from €814mn in 2010 to €1,120mn in 2014, there has never been a better time for food and drink producers to look at recipe reformulations.
“We believe that even more needs to be done by the food industry to find the right balance between consumers’ health concerns and their increasing desire for tasty, convenient and affordable food solutions. A great number of food producers have already initiated programmes to replace sugar or potential allergens in their product offerings. These market players are about to gain a substantial strategic advantage, unless others follow and cater for consumers’ changing needs. With our long-standing expertise, BENEO is well placed to help manufacturers who are interested in re-balancing their portfolio with functional ingredients from natural sources.”
BENEO’s leadership in functional ingredients is reflected in the official Hi and Ni Europe Conference programme which will feature two presentations from BENEO experts:
  • Christiaan Kalk, Senior Manager Nutrition Communication BENEO, will address the potential of PalatinoseTM (isomaltulose) and inulin-type fructans for blood sugar & weight management, in relation to consumer perception.
  • Isabel Trogh, Customer Technical Support Manager BENEO, will discuss technical solutions for sugar reduced products with great taste and texture.
For further information on BENEO and its ingredients, visit BENEO at HiE this year on the stand in Hall 1, Booth G4.
 Source: BENEO’s international fibre research 2012-2013. 

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