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GT’s Living Foods Presents 2018 Winter Edition Kombucha

GT's Living Foods Presents 2018 Winter Edition KombuchaGT’s Living Foods announces its new limited edition offering, Pure Love. This exclusive seasonal flavor features a fruity floral blend that marries their Organic and Raw Kombucha with fresh pressed Blood Orange, dried Rose Buds and Petals, dried Hibiscus Flowers, fragrant Rose Water and 100% pure love. The Pure Love campaign promotes universal love by inspiring acts of love for yourself and others. This heartfelt sentiment is artistically captured in the unique bottle design that radiates pure love.

GT's Living Foods Presents 2018 Winter Edition KombuchaHosting a luncheon for the launch, GT Dave, Founder & CEO of GT’s Living Foods, said “We believe now, more than ever, the world needs more love. Sometimes the world feels like a dark place – we can be slow to love, but so quick to hate. Our flavor, Pure Love, is intended to shine a bright light on what love is supposed to be – without limits, without race, without gender, without religion. Love is supposed to be pure.”

During the 3-month campaign, GT’s Living Foods will encourage its community to post a selfie on social media with a GT’s bottle and someone they love, and tag it with #GTsPureLove. Each month, GT’s will gift one winner a special weekend getaway to share with a loved one.

At GT’s Living Foods, the brand’s deeply rooted love for all is reflected beautifully on the front of this collectible, screen printed bottle. A variety of words are displayed inside the petals of a magnificent flower that represent the attributes of compassion and love in our everyday lives. GT’s Pure Love Kombucha is available nationwide through March 31, 2018.

Source: GT’s Living Foods

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