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GT’s Synergy Launches Fall Campaign

GT's Synergy Launches Fall CampaignGT’s Synergy, the world’s most loved and sought-after Kombucha brand, welcomes the fall season with the mission and message that well-being for mind, body, and spirit are all Rooted In Nature. The new campaign is commemorated through the label refresh of fan-favorite Synergy flavor, Gingerade, along with additional roots-centric flavors Heart Beet and Tantric Turmeric, now debuting in stores nationwide.

GT’s Synergy root-centric Kombucha flavors (left to right): Tantric Turmeric, Gingerade, and Heart Beet. Always raw, organic, and fully fermented for 30 days just as Nature intended.

When you root yourself in nature, you tap into ways to eat better, think better, and ultimately live better.

Since its birth in 1995, GT’s Synergy continues to cultivate Kombucha in small batches harvesting raw foods from the Earth. Each bottle of authentically crafted, fully fermented Kombucha offers naturally occurring nutrients that nurture the body in a way only nature can.

“As living beings, we rely on Mother Nature for our nourishment and vitality. She is the world’s best doctor—healing us both mentally and physically. However, as we continue to exist in our increasingly modern lives, we are slowly losing our connection with Nature,” says Founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods, GT Dave. “Through our Rooted In Nature messaging, the intention is for people to rekindle and maintain their relationship with the natural world. When you root yourself in nature, you tap into a higher vibration that guides you with ways to eat better, think better, and ultimately live better.”

In celebration of the new campaign, GT’s Synergy has debuted a new Nature-inspired design for its bold, fresh, and earthy roots-centric flavors Gingerade (#1 best-selling Kombucha in the world), Heart Beet, and Tantric Turmeric. This new look unifies the collection reflecting the concentric rings seen in the cross section of these powerful root ingredients: ginger, beet, turmeric, respectively.

GT continues, “It has been a wonderful experience to reimagine the labels of our root-based Kombucha flavors, especially Gingerade, which has touched the lives of many across the globe. This new visual expression and structure better depicts the root and natural origin from which the healing qualities and immune health benefits are sourced.”

Fans and followers, new and old, can use the store locator on GT’s website to find specific retailers that carry Gingerade, Heart Beet, and Tantric Turmeric, while Southern California residents can also order for home delivery via the e-commerce shop.

Source: GT’s Living Foods

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