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Wild Kombucha Releases New Blueberry Yerba Maté Flavor

Wild Kombucha Releases New Blueberry Yerba Maté FlavorBaltimore-based kombucha brewer Mobtown Fermentation today announced the addition of a new flavor to their Wild Kombucha line. Blueberry Yerba Maté will officially be released September 22nd and will be available in the over 400 locations that carry Wild Kombucha throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including Whole Foods and MOM’S Organic Markets.

While Blueberry Yerba Maté uses the same fermented tea base that provides the taste and carbonation as the rest of Wild Kombucha’s products, it’s distinguished by the inclusion of roasted yerba maté tea. Traditionally grown and brewed in South America, yerba maté tea is known for its robust flavor and specialized method of consumption, which uses cups with filtering straws that allow tea leaves to remain in the beverage. When combined with sweet organic blueberry juice, Blueberry Yerba Maté creates a unique flavor profile that is described as an ideal morning pick-me-up.

“We’re very proud of our range of products because we feel that they are some of the most notable flavor combinations out there,” said Sid Sharma, co-owner of Wild Kombucha. “We’re confident that this new flavor is something really new, and we’re sure people will respond to it.


The release of Blueberry Yerba Maté marks the second addition to Wild Kombucha’s product line in 2018, having launched their Tart Cherry Ginger flavor in April. This year has seen several other growth developments for the young company as well, such as a partnership with local dairy South Mountain Creamery that allows them to offer kombucha for home delivery, and a partnership with Sunbelt Coastal Produce that significantly increased their distribution range.

Source: Wild Kombucha

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