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Lanique Spirit Of Rose Launches Free Bartender Sample Packs

Lanique Spirit Of Rose Launches Free Bartender Sample Packs

Lanique Spirit of Rose is offering free, limited-edition Bartender Sample Packs, to bartenders across the UK. Designed exclusively to introduce the brand to UK bartenders and showcase Lanique’s versatility, the sample packs are an effort to work safely during the pandemic, whilst reaching more bars and being kinder to the environment by reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

Free to order, bartenders can simply visit Lanique’s online shop at Lanique.co.uk to order their sample pack addressed to their bar. Each pack contains two 50ml samples and a cocktail recipe booklet featuring the spirit’s signature serves. Bartenders can discover the versatile, unique and natural flavours of Lanique, experimenting with cocktails such as the Lanique Rose Spritz and the Lanique Rose Negroni – a floral twist on a bitter classic.

Recently awarded Gold by a panel of top industry judges, Lanique is made by steam-distilling thousands of hand-picked rose petals to extract the pure essence of rose. A completely natural spirit, Lanique has delicate rose and raspberry aromas. It can be served simply with tonic, added as a splash in fizz, or used to add a rosy twist to any cocktail.

Lanique’s bartender sample packs are complimentary and available online from Lanique.co.uk.

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