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Meet The Ultimate Dom Perignon Campaign

Meet The Ultimate Dom Perignon Campaign

A state of grace,

a rendez-vous,

a face-to-face encounter,

an ultimate encounter.

Dom Pérignon P2 is an ultimate encounter

…between time and wine

…between the initiated and an exceptional champagne.

Dom Pérignon presents “Meet the Ultimate Dom Pérignon, P2 Plénitude Deuxième. Touched with plénitude”, its exceptional all-new campaign that invites you into the world of its flagship champagne. It is a unique visual expression of an encounter with Dom Pérignon P2, and the intense, intimate sensations and emotions that define it.


The new campaign is incarnated by special guestChristoph Waltz. The globally-renowned, Academy Award-winning actor expertly captures a multitude of emotions, which he shares through precise yet subtle expressions.

The campaign expresses the precise feeling of being “touched with plenitude” in the seconds that follow the first sip. A delicate balance between serious and playful, the film and campaign images portray a moment of fullness, unique emotion and intense sensation.


Aging is a unique process which sees champagne undergo a metamorphosis. Dom Pérignon’s vintage-only champagnes age in a series of stages – windows of opportunity, or plénitudes – when the champagne can be disgorged and released to offer a different expression of the same vintage.

Meet The Ultimate Dom Perignon CampaignEach Dom Pérignon Plénitude has a distinct universe and emotion. The First Plénitude, Dom Pérignon Vintage, is revealed after at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, depending on the Vintage. The wine then embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its greatest promise.

Dom Pérignon P2 is an exceptional product that requires more time, more patience, more care to reach its Second Plénitude. It is the result of 16 years of elaboration in the cellars: extra time to mature, under close supervision and monitoring. In this window of opportunity, the wine reaches the peak of energy, precision and intensity, and expresses its scope, its expansion. A sip is an encounter with the ultimate Dom Pérignon.


Dom Pérignon’s new campaign was created in collaboration with Billy Kidd, the photographer celebrated for his expressive portrait work. His treatment and vision on how to represent the moment made him a natural choice. Billy Kidd’s artistic touch adds a new dimension to the encounter with Dom Pérignon P2, and perfectly complements Mr. Waltz’s interpretation.

“Meet the Ultimate Dom Pérignon, P2 Plénitude Deuxième. Touched with plénitude” is shot in black and white, featuring soft, natural light and just a hint of wind. A distinct departure from Dom Pérignon’s ‘dark’ codes, the luminous imagery captures the suspended moment of someone in the midst of fully savoring an experience.

Source: Dom Perignon

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