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Peet’s Coffee Expand’s Cold-Craft Portfolio

Peet's Coffee Expand's Cold-Craft PortfolioPeet’s Coffee, The Original Craft Coffee, announced the addition of The Black Tie and Baridi Black + Cacao to its existing, bestselling, bottled cold brew beverages currently sold in California. The two fresh flavors round out an existing product line of four bottled beverages distributed by Coldcraft, the company’s dedicated business unit for crafted, bottled beverages including cold brew coffee.


“As the Original Craft Coffee, our fifty years of experience is evident in our range of cold brew flavors, making Peet’s the leading brand of single serve Cold Brew in California with a 24 percent share,” said Tiffin Groff, VP and General Manager, Coldcraft.

“Unlike other brands, our True Cold Brew is kept cold from bottling to the cooler, ensuring freshness and flavor above all else. And our newest delicious Cold Brew beverages provide even more ways for California consumers to enjoy Peet’s Cold Brew.”

All Peet’s bottled cold brew and on-tap kegs start with the same cold brew served at Peet’s coffeebars, made with the proprietary East African Baridi Blend. Sourced from smallholder farms, and specially selected to be served cold, Baridi is bright, juicy and aromatic. It is expertly hand roasted and then brewed slowly to extract deep, smooth flavors. Peet’s bottled cold brew is fresh and perishable, requiring constant refrigeration.

Source: Peet’s Coffee

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