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Stratus Group Beverage Revolutionizes Kombucha

Stratus Group Beverage Revolutionizes KombuchaIf you’ve been around the beverage block or even just perused the drink section of your local health food store, you’ve probably come across the seemingly mysterious beverage called Kombucha. It might seem like a scary, trendy beverage reserved for health and wellness devotees, but now with KÖE Organic Kombucha, clean living doesn’t have to be a chore.

KÖE created the first easy-drinking, great tasting kombucha consumers have been waiting for. A refreshing and perfectly balanced, effervescent beverage, KÖE is the perfect solution for every consumer, bringing great taste and live probiotics in one shelf-stable can.

“KÖE was made for the 90 percent of consumers in America who have never had kombucha,” explains Executive Vice President, Armen Soghomonian. “We wanted to craft a beverage for the person who wants all the great benefits of traditional kombucha without sacrificing great taste.”


Every can of KÖE is light, bubbly and full of flavor, made with the best and highest quality organic and non-GMO ingredients. Authentically fermented, KÖE is a functional beverage made from kombucha (fermented tea), a long beloved drink among the health-conscious community.

“What KÖE does is revolutionary,” continues Soghomonian. “Vibrant and delicious organic fruit purees and juices mixed with billions of live probiotics in a shelf stable can. You can have great tasting kombucha anywhere – on the beach with your friends, in the boardroom, or on a hike. KÖE is the kombucha that goes wherever you go.”

Whether it’s fresh and tangy Lemon Ginger, exotic, enticing Mango, refreshing Raspberry Lemon, plump Blueberry Ginger, or silky, soothing Raspberry Dragonfruit – all flavors of KÖE are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher certified, and Non-Alcoholic, made without any artificial sweeteners.

KÖE is everything you never knew you wanted, and everything you always knew you needed. It’s the better-for-you alternative to high-fructose syrup heavy sodas, and the friendly, delicious version of traditional kombucha.  You don’t have to sacrifice great taste with KÖE. It was crafted perfectly for you.

Source: Stratus Group Beverage

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