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Venom Canned Cocktail Creators Release New Taxi Brand

Venom Canned Cocktail Creators Release New Taxi BrandVenom canned cocktail creators make new Taxi brand with the slogan don’t drink and drive grab a taxi. The front label actually advertises a real taxi telephone number while the back label advertises takeaway delivery services.

Creators of the Venom cocktail have come up with their third brand within four months of launching the venom cocktails. This new brand Taxi has been targeted at “party people” that love to have a good time. The Taxi slogan is based on don’t drink and drive grab a Taxi.

The pair have created a unique opportunity for companies to purchase advertising space on the front and back label of the drink.

And they’ve already secured advertising revenue from a locally based Glasgow firm called 1st-Taxi who slapped their phone number across the front of the label.

“As a new start up company we had to come up with innovative ways of increasing our revenue while reducing our production cost. We call it sharing the cost”, says David.

Venom Canned Cocktail Creators Release New Taxi BrandWe have a fun loving company so this helps to spark innovation and lateral thinking, hence TAXI!

The Taxi brand is set to be launched nationally shortly once investment has been secured for the new start up drinks company.

David added: “Everything sold out on our first day in Scottish stores and we’re really excited to take it nationwide. There’s been a lot of interest from national distributors and cash & carry’s looking to help us do that.”

We now have a nice product range of beverages that covers our target market, we are now getting to understand our business more and more each weeks. We will realize three more new products shortly.

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