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New Distribution Opportunity For NatureWise

New Distribution Opportunity For NatureWiseNatureWise, the makers of the Whole Body Vitality Drinks range, entered a distribution partnership with KeHE Distributors LLC on January 03, 2017. KeHE has a reputation for being the leader in distribution of specialty, functional, and organic food & beverages. This partnership is aimed to expand the customer outreach for the products from NatureWise along the West Coastline of U.S.

“KeHE supports and distributes brands with the best ingredients that natural consumers crave, and our new beverages are a perfect fit. We look forward to expanding our retail distribution and introducing NatureWise to an entire new set of consumers,” said David Paul Doyle, CEO, NatureWise.

With this business move, NatureWise intends to tap the established customer base across the West Coast, or Pacific Coast, of the distributor. “This relationship signals an exciting time for NatureWise,” Doyle adds. “It is an important part of a strong West Coast roll-out that will make our beverage available to more retails and pave the way for national distribution.”

NatureWise made it huge in the market shelves with its premier quality sparkling organic beverages under the range of Whole Body Vitality Drinks. The choicest organic ingredients that go into these drinks have been marketed to induce a therapeutic effect on the overall health of the consumers. The company has an extensive profile of ingredients that enlists organic matcha tea, organic white tea, fair trade organic guayusa, organic ashwagandha root, organic whole food vitamins, organic holy basil, amino acids, electrolytes, guarana seed, erythritol, monk fruit, as well as a superior combination of natural extracts and minerals registered as Super Citrimax.

The collective effect of the exotic mix of elements helps reduce oxidative stress, enhance focus, uplift mood, and decrease stress eating or emotional eating. In recent news, Amazon had rated this range of organic beverages from NatureWise as the #1 New Release in its Sparkling Juice Drinks Category.

Consumers across the world, identify organic food and beverages with complete wellness and refreshment for their mind and body. The natural nutrient enriched and chemical-free products have set an extremely popular trend over the world. NatureWise, to lead its case, has refrained from the use of any chemicals preservatives or additives in its products. The indubitable purity of the products, consistent quality maintenance, and crisp natural flavors have proved a point, which the company considers as its unique selling point.

The global organic food and beverage market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.4% over the present decade.

As per the market intelligence presented by a research report, the total revenue generated by the industry would amount to around $327,600 million by the end of 2022. The incredible growth of the market channels has been attributed to the adept marketing and distribution strategies.

At present, the Cascadia Managing Brands handles the sales and marketing operations for the latter. The company, however, knows that it requires additional inputs having an established regional distributor is crucial to their sales conversions. For a company with this scale of operation, distribution partnership is the most feasible way to expand the marketplace dominance of their brand without losing its brand identity to a competing vendor in its segment.

Included in the different business strategies adopted by vendors in the organic food & beverage market segment are product launch, mergers & acquisitions, business expansion, partnership, and joint ventures. Among these, partnership accounts for an approximate 4% of it. This distribution partnership between KeHE Distributors LLC and NatureWise stands is testimonial to the strategic importance of this move.

For more information: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/organic-food-beverage-market

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