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DrinkPreneur Live Event – June in London, 2014

logoDrinkPreneur Live 2014 is the UK’s first ever business acceleration platform event for beverage start-ups and entrepreneurs organized together with Zenith international. This unique opportunity will allow you to present your ideas to UK and Global industry leaders, extend your network, meet the competition and get constructive critique from the best marketing, retail, finance and production experts.

The event will take place on 4th June in London. Twenty beverage entrepreneurs will be selected by over 50 food and beverage leaders to participate in a joint workshop and pitch their ideas live. It is the exceptional chance to have industry insiders working together with you on your product presentation in order to win.

DrinkPreneur Live is your chance to accelerate the growth of your company, build your team, find the funding, organize the production and place the product on the shelves. It is an exceptional start-up event focused on the future of the beverage industry aiming to contribute the success of new brand launches and the growth of newly set-up businesses.

DrinkPreneur Live Workshop

People who are starting or planning to set up their businesses need plenty of tips and advice to help them succeed. Attending entrepreneur workshops is an excellent way to get the information you need in a fun and friendly way and perhaps do a little networking at the same time. DrinkPreneur workshop is run by people who have already successfully navigated their way through the business world and have specialized experience in the beverage industry.

The aim of the DrinkPreneur workshop is to deliver the perfect pitch for your product at the end of the event. The guests at the event will be familiar with your product already and they will be able to choose whether to join your team and to share some advice or to join your competition.

Industry professionals, experts and mentors will spare a couple of minutes to each of the candidate products and express their sincere opinion about the potential of the product, offer their suggestions for the presentation, stress the weaknesses and the strengths personally. Only 20 ideas will be able to participate in the event for pitching and each one of them will have their own stand and a workshop table to improve the presentations.

During the 2 hours of the workshop session the mentors and industry leaders will walk through the fundamentals of each idea and will reveal the secrets of the retail buying process. Entrepreneurs will get the practical information from the retail buyers, understand the reasoning behind the decisions made and will find answers to their questions.

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