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Innocent Co – Founder Richard Reed to coach Drinkpreneurs

downloadOne of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Reed, who co-founded Innocent Drinks and JamJar investments, will be offering advice to beverage start-ups and innovators at Drinkpreneur Live in London next month.

As well as delivering candid keynote tips about ‘Things I wish I’d known or done sooner’, Richard will spend time with teams hoping to create the next big thing for the beverage category.

Drinkpreneur Live is organised by Zenith International and MyDrink Beverages and takes place at the Holiday Inn, Camden, London on Wednesday 11th June.

The event is Europe’s first business accelerator event for beverage start-ups. This unique and affordable one day conference and concept development workshop will enable new beverage brands to meet and network with industry experts, advisers and mentors.

The interactive day also offers presentations covering beverage business essentials including finance and funding, market gap analysis, product development and marketing.

Drinkpreneur Live includes the 2014 Drinkpreneur Award which will be decided at the end of the day. Individuals or teams with a new beverage concept can develop their plans during the event and compete for instant recognition.

Further information about the event can be found at www.zenithinternational.com/events and www.drinkpreneur.com.

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