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Celebrate World Sea Turtle Day with The Naked Turtle’s

Celebrate World Sea Turtle Day with The Naked Turtle’sThe Naked Turtle White Rum is making a splash today, World Sea Turtle Day, with the announcement of its ‘Every Bottle Saves a Turtle’ initiative. Stepping up its efforts with long-term partner The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), The Naked Turtle White Rum will now donate a portion of its proceeds from each bottle made to the STC to help save baby sea turtles. It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings actually survives into adulthood*, and The Naked Turtle wants to help out everyone’s favorite flippered friends and improve that stat starting this summer.

The ‘Every Bottle Saves a Turtle’ program is as simple as it sounds: for every bottle of the gluten-free, preservative-free, five-times distilled rum made, The Naked Turtle will make a donation to the STC to save a baby sea turtle hatchling. Helping out the cause is as easy as picking up a bottle for some fun in the sun this summer.

“The Sea Turtle Conservancy has had a great partner in The Naked Turtle Rum since 2012,” said David Godfrey, STC Executive Director. “Over the last five years we’ve saved 234,000 sea turtles together. This year – through the ‘Every Bottle Saves a Turtle’ initiative – we want to see that number hit 500,000. That would be half a million sea turtles saved through this partnership alone.”

‘Every Bottle Saves a Turtle’ launches today in conjunction with World Sea Turtle Day – an annual day to celebrate and raise awareness for sea turtles and their endangered or threatened status.

The date for World Sea Turtle Day (June 16th) is also the birthday of the late Dr. Archie Carr – who served as the first scientific director of the STC – and was chosen to honor his life’s work. Much of what is known about sea turtles today is due to his research and efforts, and he is also credited by many for first bringing international attention to the dangers these marine animals face.

“The Naked Turtle is all about good clean fun – in every sense of the phrase,” said Dorothy DeVenecia, The Naked Turtle Rum Senior Brand Manager. “What could be better than enjoying a Naked Turtle cocktail, knowing you’re helping save sea turtles at the same time? Our ‘Every Bottle Saves a Turtle’ initiative makes doing good both easy breezy and delicious.”

As if adult rum lovers needed another reason to join the cause: The Naked Turtle White Rum is one you can really feel good about enjoying. It’s crafted with quality sugarcane molasses and the pristine waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and this turtle truly is naked: unlike most white rums, The Naked Turtle never touches the inside of an oak barrel, giving it a noticeably smooth finish. It should be enjoyed the same way baby sea turtles should be looked after: responsibly.

So, why should anyone care? Sea turtles are an indicator species, which means that when they’re doing swimmingly, it’s likely that most marine life is as well. That’s why Naked Turtle wants to help the STC make every beach naked. (No, not that kind of naked.)

Beaches stripped of litter and debris make it easier for nesting sea turtles to lay their eggs and hatchlings to make it safely to the ocean. Throughout the summer, The Naked Turtle will be coordinating several beach cleanups to help coastlines shed some of that litter, so stay tuned for more news this season on how you can join in.

Help spread the word on Instagram and Facebook by sharing your ‘shell-fies’ with The Naked Turtle Rum and using #SipNakedSaveTurtles with @NakedTurtleRum. It’s turtley up to you to be safe this summer, so make sure you sip responsibly.

*Source: The Sea Turtle Conservancy

Source: The Naked Turtle

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