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Real California Milk Unveils 2017 Rose Parade Float

Real California Milk Unveils 2017 Rose Parade FloatThe California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) today revealed the design for its “Legacy of Generations” float, which will appear in the 128th Rose Parade® presented by Honda on Monday, January 2, 2017. The Real California Milk float, the second entry for California dairy, will feature multi-generational California dairy farm families alongside a life-size animated cow and the products that have made California the number one dairy state.

Just as the overall parade theme – Echoes of Success – reflects the relationships that contribute to success, “Legacy of Generations” pays homage to the success that comes from the knowledge passed from generation to generation and the essential partnership between the farmers, the land, the animals and their communities.

Float highlights include

  • Multi-Generational Farm Families: From grandparents to grandkids, working dairy families will ride the float and represent the more than 1,300 California dairy farm families; 99 percent of dairy farms in California are family owned with many passed down through generations
  • Dairy Cow:  A life-sized animatronic Holstein dairy cow will represent the 1.8 million California dairy cows that produce the milk that is the base of America’s favorite dairy foods
  • Sustainability Farming Practices with Dairy Cow Feed: Decoration materials will utilize co-products of food production, such as almond hulls and walnut shells, products used as feed for dairy cows that would otherwise end up in landfills and that cows – as ruminants – turn into a nutritious food
  • Milk Bottle Pouring Milk: A flowing “stream” of milk will pour from an oversized milk bottle
  • Dairy Foods: Milk will pour into a bowl of cereal and be surrounded by other popular dairy foods produced with California milk, such as cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream
  • California Grown Flowers: 85 percent of the float’s flowers will be grown in California; flower colors will be inspired by various dairy foods and be sourced through a partnership with the California State Department of Agriculture and the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC)
  • The two-unit float, created by Fiesta Parade Floats, will stretch 65 feet in length

Real California Milk Unveils 2017 Rose Parade Float“We are honored to have this year’s Rose Parade float represent the more than 200-year legacy of California dairy and generations of farm families who have committed endless hours to working with the land and animals in their care to produce a real, wholesome and nutritious food,” said John Talbot, CEO of Real California Milk and the California Milk Advisory Board. “The float design reflects the farm tradition passed from generation to generation in the hope that successfully working together can echo throughout the community with healthy, happy people.”

Consumers can look for the Real California Milk Seal on dairy brands to ensure they are purchasing quality products made with 100 percent milk produced by California’s dairy farm families. Products with the seals are available in supermarkets and specialty stores across the U.S.

Viewers can watch the float make its debut in the parade on Monday, January 2, 2017, and see it up close at the Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats on January 2-3 in Pasadena, California.

Source: California Milk Advisory Board

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