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Seeds&Chips in Partnership with Growth Train

Seeds&Chips in Partnership with Growth TrainSeeds&Chips is the top food innovation event worldwide. The Summit brings together hundreds of startups, companies, universities, institutions, investors, accelerators and incubators, opinion leaders and policy makers in the food and food-tech industry and features exhibition pavilions and a conference area. Seeds&Chips believes that technology is increasingly playing a key role in the food system and has the potential to solve the most important and vital challenges we face: ensuring healthy, safe and sufficient food for all.

Growth Train will be running its first accelerator program this autumn in Southeast Denmark, targeting group is startups and scale-up companies within the Food & Health sectors. The partnership enables Growth Train to offer the selected companies presence at the 4th annual edition of the Summit, programmed on May 7-10 2018 in Milano, Italy.

Entrance to global decision makers

“We are proud to become partner with Growth Train. Seeds&Chips is dedicated to showcasing outstanding talent and cutting-edge solutions from around the world and the partnership with Growth Train follows our strategy of working closely together with companies, organisations and institutions who believe and support innovation in the food industry. Our activities are focused all year long on stimulating and fostering the food innovation ecosystem”, said Marco Gualtieri, Founder and Chairman at Seeds&Chips.

“Presence at Seeds&Chips The Global Food Innovation Summit delivers a unique opportunity for the participants in our accelerator program to get in contact with some of the world’s leading investors, decision makers and entrepreneurs within this field. Entering a partnership with Seeds&Chips we make our already strong international network even stronger” says Eythor Jonsson, Managing Director of Growth Train.


Part of an international community

“A team of mentors and ambassadors from all over the world are supporting the Growth Train and by entering in partnership with Seeds&Chips we underline that Growth Train belongs within the global startup environment. It makes a huge difference for the companies that participate in our program that we can put them into play in a unique international community”, Eythor Jonsson says.

“Startups, companies, accelerators and incubators from around the world bring their ideas and solutions to the table at Seeds&Chips, all linked by the thread of innovation as key to defining a food universe that is sustainable and accessible to everyone. We are committed to connecting with partners ready to support young and smart ideas, and our partnership with Growth Train goes into that direction” Marco Gualtieri says.

Obama is backing up

In 2017 Seeds&Chips guest keynote speaker President Barack H. Obama emphasized the importance of Food Innovation in regard to the environment, health and the growing world population.

“Our changing climate is already making it more difficult to produce food. We have already seen shrinking yields and spiking food prices that in some cases are leading to political instability” President Obama said in his remarks at the Summit.

He also pointed out that food production is in fact the second leading driver of greenhouse gas emissions. “The path to a sustainable food future will require unleashing the creative power of our scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers”.

Open for applicants right now

Applicants to the Growth Train accelerator program have until September 01/2017 to apply for a seven weeks bootcamp that will conclude in meetings with potential investors. During the program the participants will be challenged, guided, advised and coached by mentors from home and abroad with the purpose of accelerating the development and financial potential of their business.

Application can be made via the homepage of Growth Train: www.growth-train.dk.

Source: Seeds&Chips

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