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Caliente launches in Hungary

Caliente launches in HungaryRich, spicy and full of flavor – when importer and distributor BTD were on the look-out for innovative drinks to add to their portfolio, they searched for something that would suit the palate of Hungarians, traditionally known for their strong preference for spicy food and beverages. And when coming across the organic and chili infused drink from Sweden, they knew right away it would be perfect.

“We’ve been looking for innovative companies that represent products with a clear understanding of current and future consumer trends” says Ms. Orsolya Palotás, MD of BTD in Hungary.


“More people over here are looking for alternatives to alcoholic drinks that still supply some kind of a “natural kick”. Caliente, with its spiciness of chili is not just really tasty but also one of its kind. We believe it’s a perfect fit for the Hungarian market, especially for the young generation who like to go out but do not really want to consume alcohol….”

BTD has been active in Europe for over a decade, and as a part of their global expansion has just recently opened their US branch. With a special love for Scandinavian brands, and a clear focus on environmentally friendly and organic products, Caliente is a natural addition to BTD’s portfolio.

Caliente launched their non-alcoholic drink for grown-up drinking occasions in 2015. And although a bit ahead of time, global trends speak clearly in their favor. Worldwide, and especially in urban hubs and among millennials, alcohol consumption is on the decline: As much as three out of four millennial drinkers say they limit how much they drink most of the time they go out and 38% say they moderate their alcohol intake every single time (Forbes 2016). At the same time, Caliente meets the preference for a less sweet and all natural, yet full flavored, experience.

“We have found the perfect partner and are super excited about the collaboration”, says Thomas Adner, Caliente’s founder.

Source: Caliente

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