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Doodles Targets Crowdcube to Bring Healthy Sparkle to Kids Soft Drinks

Doodles Targets Crowdcube to Bring Healthy Sparkle to Kids Soft DrinksNew sparkling soft drinks kids brand Doodles in their unique “colour me cans” are opening their first round of funding with Crowdcube on 13th April as the brand looks to raise £300,000 to fund a nationwide marketing campaign and retail launch program. The funding window will run for 30 days.

This new-to-market concept of lightly sparkling soft drinks for kids in special “colour me can” formats allows kids to free their imagination to colour in, wipe and recolour various fun characters and pictures that feature on the 250ml cans with any crayons or felt tips.

The low sugar brand has been created by Alisha and Lee Eason – busy working eco-conscious parents who for years have been frustrated by the lack of healthy sparkling drinks available for their own children.

Alisha commented “Our kids have always loved to drink sparkling water and they often put fruit in their drinks to make it into a more fun “kiddy” cocktail so we wanted to take this and make something more accessible and fun to the younger audience. All the current sparkling drinks out there for children are high in sugar with dubious ingredients, added plastic straws etc. We just wanted to create a wholesome healthy drink in a fully recyclable can to allow them to have healthy drinks with an added twist of fun but at the same time also teaching them to look after the earth as the UKs fixation with single use plastic bottles seems to continue.”

Three real fruit combinations will be launched – Apple & Blueberry, Pineapple & Mandarin and Peach & Mango. Each can only has between 2.2-2.4g of sugar and only 22 calories with no refined sugars or preservatives. The cans will be retailing on shelf between £1.20-£1.49 with a June launch planned.

Bravura Foods have been selected as the exclusive distributor and brand partner and are already in talks with the grocery supermarkets and high street retailers for ranging plans, in addition to a number of export interests. Karl Morris, Director at Bravura Foods adds “We absolutely love this brand, its so unique, fun and entertaining for young consumers and exactly what the market needs.” Fellow Director Lisa Gawthorne adds “I think it’s a winning concept – to combine a fun activity with healthy hydration and it really has been a stagnant sector dominated by high sugar fizzy drinks for such a long time”.

Source: Doodles

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