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Equinox Consulting Releases New Schedule of FoSTaC Training

Equinox Consulting Releases New Schedule of FoSTaC TrainingIndia’s current GDP has a major stakeholder in the form of Food Industry. Food Processing Industry alone contributes to around 33% of the total GDP. Such large industry is always precarious in nature; the stakes are high, the risks are constantly building around in terms of non-compliance and safety hazards to its people and the reach of education that needs to be imparted regularly.

All the three factors are closely linked – a large population is dependent on the Indian and International Food Business including farmers, logistics, processing units, packaging plants, retail stores and the hotel industry. This in turn, increases the burden on the food business operators and the government bodies with respect to the compliance in place and its effective use. This can be only achieved with a uniform and standardised training module in place, one or many.

Realising the rising need of the hour, Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) early this year, brought into reality the Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) Programme. This training programme is mandated by the Apex body for every Food Business.

Equinox Consulting – A FoSTaC Empanelled Partner has been a part of this initiative right since its conception. The company has conducted more than 23 trainings across multiple states in India, which included both in-house and on-site training.

With a view to conduct more such training sessions for maximum Food Business Operators, Equinox Consulting laid the foundation of a new training facility Equinox Training Center (ETC). The inauguration ceremony was conducted in the presence of Honourable Mr. P. Muthumaran – Director (WR) – FSSAI. This facility is located in Prabhadevi – the heart of Mumbai.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Muthumaran was received and felicitated by Mr. Ashwin Bhadri, CEO – Equinox Consulting. He spent his valuable time at the new facility and spoke on the importance of training, the benefits that will shortly show and the value that the new facility will add to the overall FoSTaC Training programme.

The facility will be a dedicated premise for conducting, predominantly, FoSTaC Training sessions which will help spread uniformed awareness about the Importance of Good Hygiene / Manufacturing Practices, FSSAI Rules and Regulations, Compliance, Documentation, International Standards and more.

According to the FSSAI Notification, it is mandated that:

  1. For every 25 or more Food Handlers or part thereof at every premise, there should be a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) trained under the Programme.
  2. The Food Safety Supervisors should also conduct these training courses for the food handlers at their own premises at least every quarter and maintain the audit/inspection documents.
  3. Food handlers in petty food businesses that are registered should be trained and certified.

Equinox Consulting will shortly release new schedule of FoSTaC Training for the month of November 2017. These pieces of Training shall be conducted both at Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, along with Goa. To register for the upcoming trainings, visit the website.

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Source: Equinox Consulting

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