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JUSU Companies Expand with the Acquisition of Westbloom

JUSU Companies Expand with the Acquisition of WestbloomJusu Bars Inc. (“Jusu”) one of Canada’s leading health, wellness and lifestyle companies, announced today of its recent acquisition of Westbloom Inc. (“Westbloom”). The acquisition of Westbloom, a Calgary based beverage company specializing in coffees, teas, and cold brew beverages, allows Jusu to offer high quality plant-based coffee at all their locations. “Our mission at Jusu is to provide our customers with high quality, organic, chemical free and environmentally friendly products” says Bruce Mullen, Jusu’s Founder and CEO.

“Westbloom is a perfect fit for Jusu, as their coffees, teas and cold brew products are of the highest quality. Westbloom has shown a great commitment to their innovative approach and the plant-based movement. The synergies of Jusu and Westbloom’s culture and products will allow us to offer a complete product line to meet the needs of our customers”.

With Western Canada as its gateway, Jusu is providing customers with a way to consume chemical-free, plant based and certified organic food and beverage products. Jusu is looking to expand their business into other markets in North America, as an increase in consumer demand for organic plant-based products is on the rise.

Source: JUSU Bar Inc

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