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Victoria Distillers Collaborates with the Fairmont Empress Hotel

Victoria Distillers Collaborates with the Fairmont Empress HotelVictoria Distillers announces an upcoming release of a new spirit, inspired by the renowned tea and cocktail programs of the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria. The companies share similar philosophies, exemplified in the commitment to exceptional products and experiences, a desire to blend the traditional and contemporary and a commitment to sustainable operations.

Established in 2008, Victoria Distillers recently collaborated with the iconic Fairmont Empress to create a premium cocktail spirit that reflects a sense of place. Well known in British Columbia as the producer of Canada’s first premium gin, Victoria Distillers’ creative efforts are rooted in Canada’s West Coast culture and history.

In 1908, the historic Empress Hotel opened its doors in one of the busiest trading outposts in the Pacific Northwest – Victoria, BC. Today, the newly restored Empress is heralded for its tea program and cocktail culture reflecting British sensibilities, ranking among the gems of iconic hotels. It is also a recipient of the 5 Green Key award through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

The 5 Green Key rating exemplifies the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility throughout all areas of operations. The hotel embraces local and sustainably sourced cuisine, as well as green policies, and programs that set the international standard for sustainable hotel operations.

With a commitment to green technology and sustainability, the Victoria Distillers’ still runs on ocean based geothermal energy for cooling. This unique system provides over one billion BTUs of heating to the local neighborhood while saving almost one million liters of water each year.

“It is an exciting time for all of us in the craft spirits sector as we have the ability to create innovative products that captivate consumers around the world,” stated President of Victoria Distillers, Peter Hunt. “With our commitment to excellence in product development as well as operations, we found great inspiration in our relationship with the Fairmont Empress, and look forward to bringing our new brand to the global marketplace.”

Source: Victoria Distillers

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