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New Research Supports Beverage Innovator’s “No Crash” Claims In An Industry Bombarded By Them

xtendreleaseXtend Release™, Denver-based innovator of time-release delivery systems has completed third-party research validating claims that their patented technology can slowly deliver a variety of active ingredients for optimal absorption by the body. The study was performed by third-party analytical testing lab Acceleration Laboratories who specializes in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research. Eight different lots of micro-beaded ingredients were analyzed in triplicate during this dissolution study that mimicked pH levels of the digestive system. A human blood serum study will follow.

“Now we have third-party data to support our new-to-the-world technology, allowing us to help beverage manufacturers deliver more efficacious nutrients to their consumers – from a safer delivery of caffeine and the elimination of the common ‘crash’, to an increased absorption of vitamins,” said Bob Niichel, Xtend Release™Founder and CEO. “The licensing of our delivery system will change the food and beverage industry and benefit consumer health in significant ways.”

Through rigorous development, Xtend Release™has the ability to produce micro-beads in a variety of sizes, allowing manufacturers to choose whether they want the micro-beads to be visible in a beverage or nearly invisible to the consumer’s eye. “The research also tested a wide range of release profiles. Different nutrients need to be released over specific time intervals and at specific locations in the digestive system for optimal absorption,” added Niichel.

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